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Products And Services Of Our New Business

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Products and Services of Our New Business

The products that we are selling are cloths. Our products are going to
be hats (trucker style), T-shirts, and stickers. The goal that we have
put forth is to just get our products out there. Our products are
going to be long lasting, durable, and very stylish. We plan on
producing clothes that are made to the specifications of the consumer
and to their style of liking.

Our clothing products will be durable, comfortable, and affordable.
The products will be available to our customers at low affordable

We plan to sell our products at lower prices than the other businesses
to boost our income and out-do the other companies. We will try to be
a business that meets the consumers' needs and wants.

The opportunity cost to our clothing company was to start a food
business. We could have chosen to make and sell some sort of food
product, but overall a clothing company was the best option in
starting a business that would be successful.

Marketing and Competition

The potential customers to the company would be practically anyone and
their age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or home city wouldn't
really matter. The products that our company makes would be directed
towards anyone interested but would most likely catch the eye of
skaters and surfers.

The needs and wants we plan to fill would be their need to have
comfortable and durable clothing that fits them the way they want
their cloths to fit. We would also be filling their want for a lower
price for the clothes they want.

The companies that are currently filling their needs and wants are
Howe, Volcom, Freshjive, Matix, etc. These companies supply their
customers with the same style of clothes that our company would be
supplying except that they do on a bigger scale and have been doing
for years.

We would out do the competition by supplying quality products that are
designed to the specifications and style of the people who are buying
them. We would also supply our products at a lower price than the
other companies who would be selling their products at double or
triple the cost of our products.

We will create a paradox of value by creating products that aren't
really out there in the market. We will have products that will look
different from what other current companies are producing. The
products that we make will be scarce because no one else will have
what we are selling and our products will have utility because the
consumer will have an everyday use for our products since they are

We might be creating a conspicuous consumption since the clothes we
are making would be a rare thing to get, so those that have it might
show off to others.

We will make potential customers aware of our products by...

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