Profanity In Pop Music Hurts Society

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Profanity in pop music has become a major burden on today’s society and is negatively affecting the behavior of the listeners. It does not have a positive message and it tells the listener that doing the wrong ok. It contradicts what the Bible says.
Take a look at what was acceptable 40 years ago, and what is considered acceptable today.(Pareles) The lyrics of songs today would cause a riot 40 years ago! According to Bozell, 21st century pop music has become very dirty. This is very true. “The top 100 pop songs are about sex.” (Bozell) In Katy Perry’s song “E.T.” she talks about having sex with an alien. E.T. is a song that many young people listen to. Lady Gaga wrote a song that said she was going to have sex with people till she got old and faded away. When people listen to these song, they are filling their heads with the though that it is ok to have sex outside of marriage. The Bible tells you to put a guard on you ear, eyes, and mind because what you take in will affect your heart.
With music becoming more vulgar and profane, it is getting harder and harder for people to listen to uplifting music. These profane songs can affect the children that listen to them. These songs are telling everyone lies about what will make you happy and what will satisfy you. Although immoral sex, short term, can make a person content, but long term immoral sex can be detrimental to a person. It will ruin relationships, and it can ruin a person’s health. If you look at what the Bible says, Earthly possessions are temporary. They will be no more than dust. They will fade away.
Pop singers want to be heard by the country. They will do just about what ever it takes to accomplish the task. Singers today use profanity to make their songs stick out. The more and more profanity is used, the...

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