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Before I entered the Medical and Health sciences Pre-professional program, I have never thought choosing a right career is difficult. Since I was in middle school, I already have had my future career in mind, a doctor. To be honest, I have never known that there are more than 10 specialized doctors that require different personal characteristics, but when I entered high school, I was inspired to be a surgeon like my father. At that time, I was thinking how amazing and ironic it is that cutting into people can save their lives. However, after I take a number of surveys that are available in the program to know my personality and interests, I have understood myself better than ever before. According to Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and true color, I have found that my personality trait is ISTJ: Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. And, for the Strong Interest Inventory Profile, my highest theme is ICR: Investigation, Convention, and Realistic. Surprisingly, they do reflect most of my personality, interests, preferred environment, and top ten jobs. Upon entering this career field, I surely will encounter a number of challenges, but in order to optimize my compatibility with the career, I have to find some ways to enhance those areas.
In order to be a surgeon, one must have effective and excellent communication skill, strong physical stamina, good leaderships, and rapid problem-solving skill. Especially, surgeons must be really good with their hands. As I research my career requirement, I found out that my type of personality traits and preference working environment are dissimilar to the surgeons. While I am introvert, I like working independently and require some times alone for isolation. Moreover, I find it difficult to interact with new people. For leadership style, I prefer to serve as active, contributing member of a group or committee rather than as the leader myself. If I work under pressure and need to solve problem rapidly, I cannot solve efficiently because I require quiet and relaxing environment, high concentration, and fully understanding of the problems. Moreover, my type might affect my career opportunities and explorations when it comes to interacting and being interviewed. I will have trouble with identifying and missing new opportunities because I am reluctant to do the necessary networking. Further, I may across as...

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