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Career Research: Agricultural Engineering Essay

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I have questioned what career I would prosper in, for a while. After searching and taking many tests, I finally found a career that I believe I will excel in. The career I have decided to go after is Agricultural Engineering. This is the production and processing of crops. Agricultural engineering is an area that scientists have hardly scratched the surface of. I want to use this field to improve the sciences, not only with food, but also medication. I will be an agricultural engineer who specializes in medical plants.
I started the long road to getting where I want to be by making sure I am taking the correct classes in high school. My school offers many classes that will help me in this career. I’m working on my second year of English and Mathematics. I’ve also taken Biology and a Technology class. Other than the skills that are taught to you in school, there are many special skills that can’t particularly be taught to you. These skills include observation, decision making, data-analysis, communication, and critical-thinking. There are only a few more classes that I need to take before I’m college ready. Durant High School’s requirements for graduation cover all the classes that I will have needed to take to get into this career. I am currently looking into, and applying to, multiple colleges. The University of Denver and Oklahoma State University are a couple of colleges that have certificates for agricultural engineering. Once I go to college, I will need to achieve a Bachelor’s degree. I’m not positive if I will need a higher certificate, because I want to work with medicine, yet.
Once I make it into this field, there are many areas of business that I will be able to enter. In the past few years the government has become very interested in this field. They support and fund many kinds of labs for agricultural engineering. In 2012 there were almost 39,000 people in this field and it is believed to grow 11% in the next eight years (Agricultural Engineer). The demand for finding new materials, to make up for the lacking of our natural renewable resources, is growing. The work environment for this field is pretty normal. Most people full time and have regular schedules. There aren’t many ways of being promoted once you make it into this field. There are a few ways that you can get your name known, though. You can be certified through different organizations There are different certifications for different accomplishments A few of these...

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