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Professional Athlete Essay

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An athlete is someone who is in sports. They have to be physically fit and have endurance. Athletes need to make a commitment and be dedicated to their sport. Some go to college then start their career as an athlete; although, some start right out of high school. They have to have good moral standards because they are in the public eye and often become role models for children and young adults. Athletes can play in minors and the majors, they start out in the minors and work their way up to the majors.
The job duties of an athlete require great physical abilities. Athletes training program differs according to the season. They train most of the year, athletes that play a team sport have ...view middle of the document...

In Pennsylvania the lowest amount of money an athlete made is $17,560 (“Athletes and Sports Competitors.” Career). The average amount of money is $80,870. The top 10 percent of athletes in the country made over $187,000. Across the United States $18,040 is how much the lowest 10 percent of athletes in the country made. Athletes and Sports Competitors annual wage is $40,060. (“Athletes and Sports Competitors.” U.S.).
For most aspiring athletes, becoming a pro is the biggest advancement (“Athletes and Sports Competitors,” U.S.). Someone who goes pro can immediately start playing or can spend time on the bench. Some sports are different than others, like baseball you can begin in the minors and work your way up to the majors. In team sports there are three ways to advance: when a team advances, by being traded, and by negotiating. (“Professional Athletes” 121). Usually agents represent professional athletes.
Depending on the sport the outlook will vary. (“Professional Athletes” 122). Some sports can raise their salaries by gaining popularity. Approximately 1,190 people were employed in this job during 2010 (“Athletes and Sports Competitors.” Career). It is expected that there will be 1,300 employed in 2020. The...

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