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Professional Athletes Deserve Every Cent Essay

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     Many major cities generate hundreds of millions of dollars per year in revenue from ticket and merchandise sales from the marketability and popularity of their professional athletes. These athletes play for teams hundreds, even thousands of miles away from their homes and families in hopes of winning a championship. They spend weeks on end away from parents, wives, and children. These athletes endure injuries far beyond what the average person would. The most healthy, fit, and talented athletes are considered lucky if the can play past 35 years of age. Professional athletes take such physical abuse, many have to retire because one more blow could mean death. You can't put a price on life.

For some athletes money is not an issue. Many, including Griffey and Jay Buhner, defer portions of their salaries to make room for other players the team needs to win. Others, just willingly get paid less than market value for the same reason. As generous as these players are, some still argue professional athletes are selfish and greedy, when that is not the case at all. Multi-million dollar athletes deserve every cent they get paid.


With one year remaining on his contract, Seattle's star wide receiver, Joey Galloway, held out of camp for 102 days in 1999 before reporting. This has cost him $5,000 per day as well as paychecks of 93,000 per game; he has missed 8 games. (Allen) Galloway has been looking to sign a new contract with the Seahawks to make him the highest paid receiver in the NFL, and rightfully so. Galloway knows he is good. He knows he is one of the best, and so does his agent Eric Metz. In the best interest of Galloway, Metz was holding out for a five-year contract worth $25 million including a $10 million signing bonus. The Seahawks offered $35 million over seven years including a $7 million dollar signing bonus. (Allen) These numbers were based on a deal Antonio Freeman made with the Green Bay Packers. Galloway's case was that he had put up comparable if not better numbers over the previous four seasons. Galloway, From 1995-1998 has had 261 receptions, 4122 receiving yards, 36 receiving touchdowns not including 4 punt returns for touchdowns. Freeman's numbers over the same period of time were 229, 3706, and 36 TD's respectively. (The Topps Company)


With neither side was willing to bend, the Seahawks and Galloway created an awful situation. The Seahawks were without their best receiver. Each side of this situation stated they wanted to resolve this matter but nothing was done. Galloway should be commended for sticking to his game plan. He is arguably one of the top five receivers in the NFL if not the better and should hold out if he believes he is not being paid a fair market value. But holding out may have backfired on Galloway.


In Galloway's existing contract there is a clause that states that if Galloway were to hold out the entire season the Seahawks would have rights to him for 2 more seasons. This...

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