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Identifying Information
XXXXXXXX is a 36-year-old right-handed, Hispanic Female. Her ethnic background is Mexican from her mother’s side and Puerto Rican from her father’s side and was raised Roman Catholic. Her primary language is English but she does understand Spanish. Her height is five feet ten inches and is unsure of her current weight. She is the oldest of four children (two boys and two girls). She has 3 visible scars the first is on her right arm (about 7 inches long), second one is on her back, which is 6 inches long from spinal cord surgery, third is a “circle” scar on the left side midway between eyebrow and hairline. She uses a wheelchair as her means of getting around and has limited dexterity.
Precipitating Factors and History of Problem

Developmental and Historical Information
XXXXXXX mentioned in her intake form that she is the oldest of four children. Her birth was an emergency c-section because the cord was wrapped around her neck several times and she was delivered four days early from full-term status. No lasting complications were seen. She was born Feb 10, 1978 at a military hospital at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. As far has she can remember she met her developmental milestone on time. Her family of origin includes a mother and family with four children.
Educational/Employment History
Chrissandra attended several schools because her father was in the military so the family moved about every three years to a new military post. She attended a German school for kindergarten when dad was stationed in Germany. When they returned to the states she went to a speech therapist to “learn” English since she was fluent in Spanish and in German (occurred either in second or third grade).
While she was in the hospital, she attended the on-site school for inpatients. Once she returned to her home school, a school psychologist tested her and the test results indicated that she had a Learning Disability because of the acquired brain injury. An individual education plan (IEP) was put into place. The plan included adaptive physical education, modified seating mainly a table since she could not use the desks, test-taking accommodations that included extended time on quizzes/exams and a quiet room. The client states, that “Food services and transportation were also included in my student support program”. She graduated high school with a 2.8 GPA.
In the intake packet she mentioned that while she attended junior college and university, she was registered with the Disabled Students and Support Services (DSPS) and received the following accommodations: extended time on quizzes and exams, quiet room to take quizzes and exams, instructor notification of disability and priority registration. Her overall GPA was 2.98. She has the following degrees: AA in General Social Sciences, AA. in General Education, AA in Corrections, and a B.A. in Human Services. She is currently working on her master’s degree.
Peer Relationships
As far as friends...

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