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Professional Behaviors: Altruism Essay

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Professional Behaviors
It is not simply enough to be knowledgeable to be labeled as a trained professional in a particular field. Merriam Webster defines professionalism as, “the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well” (Webster, 2014). In order to be deemed as a professional, a nursing student must follow a set of specific behaviors that illustrate their professionalism. These behaviors must be practiced in all situations with all populations. Some examples of professional behavior include altruism, integrity, and knowledge to name a few.
One type of professional behavior is altruism. When practicing this, the individual must set aside all personal interests and place the best interest of others surrounding them first. The nurse must commit to the completion of duties in the highest standard possible. This is evidenced by a nurse staying over their shift to make sure the patients’ needs were taken care of. A prime example can be seen when a nurses’ patient experiences uncontrollable pain. Despite several doctors telling this nurse there is nothing else that could be done; the nurse took it upon themselves to find someone to help the patient.
A person must also be accountable for all of their actions and take ownership when incorrectly completing a task. This can be witnessed when a nursing student admits to not completing part of an assessment as opposed to lying to their instructor about doing the task. Accountability also comes with having honor and integrity. When displaying both, an individual is, “fair and truthful, and [keeps] their word” (Neal, 2002). If a nurse told a patient they would be back within ten minutes with pain medication, they must be back within ten minutes. It is essential in building relationships with patients as well as colleagues that an...

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