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Professional Development Evaluation Process Essay

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Using faculty evaluations as a tool to address concerns about faculty quality, institutional accountability, and educational improvement continues to be of the utmost importance to community colleges across the United States. Nevertheless, using faculty evaluations to assess the work of full-time faculty can be a difficult issue because college administrators and faculty members often have different perceptions about why an appraisal process is implemented.Community college administrators share a belief that their institutions should be stable, efficient, predictable, accountable, and in control of their faculty and staff. Faculty members, on the other hand, generally share a belief that administrators should be more willing to share resources and power, allow for creative growth and development in teaching, and allow for greater adaptability in showcasing their professional growth.In an era where the diminishing supply of qualified leaders has been well documented (Shults, 2001; Campbell, 2002) at the same time that the complexity and challenges of the job are increasing, it is critical that current community and technical college administrators have every opportunity to continue to hone their skills and their abilities to provide quality leadership. The students, faculty, and staff of America's community and technical colleges deserve no less.The presidency of a technical or community college is a demanding role. More than 91% of current administrators reported in 1991 that they spend in excess of 50 hours a week on college work. Perhaps not surprisingly, 69% of those administrators who took a vacation of at least two weeks reported that they did college work while on vacation (Vaughan & Weisman, 1998). It is apparent that administration in general has become less attractive as a career choice. In a discussion of leadership challenges in secondary technical education, Zirkle and Cotton (2001) point to a dilemma that is also apparent in higher education: "All of this to enter an administrative area that demands longer hours, places more stress, and offers fewer rewards than the teaching profession. It is not a bright prospect" (p. 17).There are also great rewards and challenges if a president is appropriately prepared and has access to continuing professional development opportunities. Professional development is often defined very broadly, including wellness and personal needs such as stress management, as well as skill building, networking, and further education. For the purposes of this study, professional development is defined as those activities and experiences that increase job-related skills and knowledge and support the building of positive relationships. With the demands, expectations, and complexities that are a part of the contemporary community college presidency, there is little doubt that opportunities for meaningful and appropriate professional development are much needed and appreciated by today's administrators.It is...


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965 words - 4 pages managerial decisions. Another purpose this process is made to last ninety days is that the company feels that if a new manager has not been able to fully understand and comply with the program after ninety days it has the option to dismiss the new manager and find a better suited candidate.This process is a very formal process and handled in a very professional manner. Being that this is a highly comprehensive program there is no official informal

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1190 words - 5 pages during my hands on training and observation of assessment. Larry B. Silver and Ruth B. Spodak (2007) had the least amount of information relevant to my professional environment. It does provide a nice piece of information on psycho-educational evaluation. Another piece of information that will be useful in my current professional environment is the process which is taken through out the evaluation and IEP development. This information had been glues

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600 words - 3 pages SUMMARY: Experienced management professional with an extensive background in operations and financial management. Over 15 years of Financial Management experience with strong performance in program budget and accounting. Experienced Organizational Development, Program Development and Monitoring and evaluation consultant with 10 years experience in Southwest and East Asia and Africa, focused on financial management and organizational development

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1043 words - 5 pages development through distance learning (Ho and Kane, 2013). From the literature I gathered that the most effective way to meet the professional development needs of the teachers at the Insani School would be to devise a plan that incorporated mentorship, action research and clinical evaluation utilizing technology and distance learning as the medium of delivery.   3 THE TECH REVOLUTION FOR EDUCATION In the past decade a number of online education

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945 words - 4 pages who are not informed of their responsibilities can invalidate your evaluation process very quickly and wreck havoc in any organization. During this time frame every year, as an E-9 Senior Enlisted Hospital Corpsman I am responsible for writing performance evaluations and counseling all of my E-8 and E-7 personnel on their completed evaluation. At the mid-point of the yearly evaluation cycle I conduct a formal interim performance review to

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