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Initial Self- Assessment and ReflectionAccording to the Befriender (2002), people learn through reflecting on their actions, then apply what they have learnt in their future actions and decisions. It is important for me to reflect on my goals from last year and take responsibility for my progress. For my first professional development plan, I chose 3 skills to expand on throughout the year which were:Improve decision makingAlways attend group meetingsHarvard referencingFocusing on improving my decision making proved to be a tough task as I have always had a problem maintaining the choices I have made. Successfully, I chose which subjects I wanted to proceed with in second year of university and remained with them decisions which has proved to be the best choices to suit me. The second goal which was necessary to improve on was to attend every group meeting. It was important that I made time available for the team meetings so it was sure that I would be involved with the discussions. We received fantastic marks so overall I am pleased that I followed through with my objectives but although I attended, I did not give a satisfactory amount of input into the work. Reflecting over this is disappointing which is why I must make this a new objective. Lastly, I chose to develop the skill of Harvard referencing. The development of the goal was successful and I am now able to reference all of my assignments correctly without any supervision, and feel more confident when individually writing important essays. Overall, I feel that the goals were achieved and my skills were addressed and enhanced, and will stay with me when I become a manager of a successful company.With an aim to eventually be a successful business woman, it is necessary that I identify my current strengths and weaknesses and choose carefully which skills I must develop. After setting myself the goal of Harvard referencing last year, I believe that this is now a strong skill which I possess, along with the ability to write professional essays. Unfortunately, when it entails a variety of work to do, I tend to struggle completing it all on time and find myself becoming extremely stressed. Another strength I value is that I respect other people's opinions and pride myself on being a good listener which will be beneficial for my future career. Despite the fact that I work well in a team, I lack the confidence to lead a group and voice my point of view. To succeed in a manager's position, you must be able to take charge of a number of people and have a strong opinion and vision. Based on this, it is crucial that I put this skill into practise and develop my confidence when working in a group.Ethics, Values, Beliefs and ProfessionalismMy understanding of values are rules by which we make decisions about right and wrong, and the priority systems all individuals have which we use to determine what is more important and less important to us. Ruggiero (2008) claims that values are principles or...

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