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Professional Ethics Essay

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Olivia is a thirty two year old woman who is in therapy to help her through her extreme mood swings. Olivia started going to therapy because her husband had given her an ultimatum, therapy or a divorce. Her therapist started to notice that there were more symptoms than just mood swings. After a few weeks, Olivia told her therapist she was so intelligent in the field of English that she knew that if she applied she could be the Director of Speechwriting (the person who writes the president’s speeches). Olivia then claimed a week later that she was feeling empty and she knew that participating in skydiving would help her feel better and more “alive”. The next session Olivia told her therapist that she the day before she was feeling extremely happy and “high on life” and now she felt depressed and that she was in a “pit of despair”. After three months of therapy Olivia was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder. Olivia and her therapist worked for the next few sessions on ways she could improve her mood swings by herself. The therapist also put Olivia on the medication lithium and told her to continue her therapy while on the medication.
One day, Olivia came to her session and her therapist asked her about her relationship with her husband regarding her new diagnoses and her new medication. Olivia started crying and said that they were separated because she hadn’t been taking her medicine as directed and her mood swings had gotten so severe that her husband had left. She explained that her medicine had made her feel exhausted and she acted like a “zombie” and slept most of the day. Olivia decided to stop taking her medicine so she could function more successfully throughout the day. Her husband noticed her behavior changing and he told her to ask for a different prescription. However, Olivia had told him that she did not need the medicine and that she could control her mood swings using techniques her therapist had taught her. The therapist explained that the techniques were supposed to be used while on medication and that if she was feeling tired to the point that it affected her daily life that she should have requested another prescription. The next session Olivia came in hysterical and said she her husband had filed for divorce and she had just come back from giving the divorce lawyer her signed divorce papers. She said he believed she wasn’t getting better and that she had contemplated committing suicide. Olivia felt that she had nothing to live for anymore and that her disorder was destroying any chance of happiness that she had. The therapist had talked her out of suicide and convinced her to sign a “no-suicide contract”. A no suicide contract is a contract written up by the therapist that lists certain things that the patient can do when they are feeling suicidal instead of acting upon those feelings. It also has to be signed by the patient and they have to agree that they will not commit suicide. Olivia’s therapist let her go after she...

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