Professional Issues In Computing: Professional Codes Of Conduct & Practice

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In today's computing profession there are many different codes of conduct and practice which all relate to computing in some way or other. Most of the big computing institutions such as the British Computing Society (BCS) or the Institution of Electrical Engineers set industry standards for most computing sectors in industry.Code of ConductThe British Computing Society, which is probably the most followed institution in computing, has four main sections in its code of conduct. These are: -The Public InterestDuty to Employers and ClientsDuty to the ProfessionProfessional Competence and IntegrityThe Public InterestThis section focuses on areas such as how public health and safety should be safeguarded in members' professional practices. It also mentions how members should follow rules and regulations that apply to them in their area of industry. Human rights are also commented on and the code of conduct states members in professional practice should have regard to basic human rights and avoid any actions that adversely affect such rights.Duty to Employers and ClientsIn this segment of the code of conduct the main focuses are on following requirements that the member's employer or client has put forward to be obeyed. This includes following time scales and budgets on projects correctly and if any problems arise the client should be advised as soon as possible of any time or budget overrun. Another thing that is mentioned is that any confidential information acquired during the course of professional practice, except with prior written permission should not be disclosed or used for personal benefit. Other areas are covered such members being warned against misrepresenting or withholding information on the capabilities of products, systems or services with which they are concerned and members not being allowed to handle clients moneys unless instructed or permitted to do so.Duty to the ProfessionThis part is to make sure members uphold and honour the reputation of the computing profession and will seek to improve professional standards through participation in their development, use and enforcement. It also states that members, in their professional practices, should try to improve and advance public knowledge and understanding of computing and information systems and technology and to counter false or misleading statements which are detrimental to the Profession. Members are urged encourage and support fellow members in their professional development and, where possible, provide opportunities for the professional development of new entrants to the Profession. It also points out members must treat fellow members with respect and act with integrity.Professional Competence and IntegrityThis section instructs members to constantly try to improve their knowledge and skill in the computing profession and to always keep up to date with all technological...

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