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Professional Nursing Practice Essay

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In this essay we are going to explore the connection between professional nursing practice and professional caring. I will outline the terms of professional nursing practice and what makes nursing a profession? I will describe the term of professional caring and the connection to the nursing practice and discuss the dilemma of care and cure. And also determine the importance of both in professional nursing practice.
Professional nursing practice has been developing for several centuries. Nursing as a profession can be traced back to the early Christian era. Since then the perception of nursing practice has changed significantly. “Nursing is caring, commitment, and dedication to meeting the functional health needs of all people” (Craven & Hirnle, 2009, p. 32). First of all I want to find out if the nursing is actually a profession. So let’s explore the definition of the profession and if nursing has got all the components to it. Dr John Southwick in 1997 defined the profession as
A disciplined group of individuals who adhere to high ethical standards and uphold themselves to, and are accepted by, the public as possessing special knowledge and skills in a widely recognised, organised body of learning derived from education and training at a high level, and who are prepared to exercise this knowledge and these skills in the interest of others. Inherent in this definition is the concept that the responsibility for the welfare, health and safety of the community shall take precedence over other considerations (Southwick, 1997, para. 2).
As can be clearly seen definition of the profession consists of seven components. They are: knowledge, control over training and education, registration, selfless service, a code of ethics, socialization and autonomy. In nursing nowadays they have the extensive nursing knowledge and nursing theory. And all of them continue to develop with wide-ranging nursing research. We will continue our analysis using professional nursing practice in New Zealand. In modern days all nurses have to obtain the bachelor of nursing degree to become a registered nurse. So universities and polytechnics are the main providers of nursing degree. They are closely supervised by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) to ensure the compliance with the requirements of competencies for registered nurses. In New Zealand before you can practice you have to obtain the registration from NCNZ through passing the states final and being fit to practice. Fit to practice means you have to be of a good character, speak good English, and have to acquire the necessary knowledge (NCNZ, n.d.). Also nurses have to provide selfless service and think about the nursing profession when they represent themselves in the society. As any other profession nursing has to abide to the code of ethics. It consists of set of values which applies to nurse- client relationship, nurse-colleague, nurse-organization and nurse-society relationships. They all include...

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