Professional Procrastination Essay

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By definition, the act of procrastinating is to postpone an event until a later time. We as humans have all delayed something in our lives, either related to school, work, or social activities. Although anything in life has the potential to be postponed or put off until the last-minute, procrastination is more commonly seen in schools and colleges among students. There are several reasons why students put off assignments, but, the main reason is that they do not take pleasure in doing their homework. Even though some students are unsuccessful in their dawdling, many students are often successful and benefit from saving coursework until the “last minute”. Taking a look at this process, we ...view middle of the document...

During this time, there is little to no stress experienced. None of a person’s spare time is used to work on about the upcoming project they will inevitability have to finish. Instead, the person spends this time doing hobbies continuously without sacrificing their focus by various assignments. Often students will remind themselves mentally of the upcoming deadline for their homework, but, they quickly put the thoughts out of their mind and return their attention to their free time. Many people prefer this lifestyle because they can enjoy fun activities in more depth when uninterrupted by other jobs, similar to a diver exploring the ocean floor. If a diver does not have an oxygen tank and has to hold their breath, they will have to come up for air after a minute or so; as a result, their attention to the beauty under the sea will constantly be broken and consequently not enjoy their diving adventure at full capacity. However, if the diver has an oxygen tank, they can stay beneath the surface longer, swim further out to sea, and get a more complete experience. Plus, not having to resurface every couple of minutes saves a great deal of time and energy, just like not working on an assignment a bit every day.
Finally, the “last minute” has arrived. This is the time when a student has no choice but to work on the project they have put off, like when a diver’s tank runs out of oxygen and having no choice other than to return to the surface for air. At this point, all a person’s focus and...

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