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Pride or hubris is part of the warp and woof of the human experience. From Satan (picture) and the Tower of Babel (picture) in the Judeo-Christian tradition to Achilles (picture) and Icarus (picture) in the Greco-Roman tradition, pride has led to the downfall of many and the suffering of countless.
Pride is no less a problem in contemporary society than it was for the ancients. In particular, it is no less a problem for lawyers, who can oftentimes be put in positions of power and be rewarded with large sums of money. Recently, one Houston-based lawyer had a struggle with pride. He lost and with devastating result. This Houston-based lawyer had scored success after success in the ...view middle of the document...

And, so, he made his second major error; he decided to lie. Instead of backing down from the endeavor, this lawyer turned to deceit, affirming to the board that he did indeed have 30,000 clients to his name.
This second error, too, violated the Professional Rules of Model Conduct (put Rule 8.4 on the PowerPoint slide). Pride had so badly blinded the man that he did not even think anyone would check his story out. And, yet, someone did, and someone found that this lawyer was short a good 20,000 clients. No more will this lawyer be enjoying his fancy cars and lavish dinners. Instead, he will enjoy the cold look of the jury and the solemn stare of the judge when he gets indicted for fraud for his pride-driven, grossly egregious conduct.
Humility (include this definition of humility and the citation in the proper format in the PP: humility is a virtuous trait, seen by others and self-identified in moments of honest self-evaluation, that is characterized by other-oriented, prosocial, altruistic motives, modesty, willingness to honestly accept strengths and weaknesses, and not act of feel prideful, arrogant, or narcissistically entitled. Journal of Psychology, 2008, Vol. 27 Issue 3, p.270) should be practiced for the sake of practicing a virtue. However, for a lawyer, there are a number of extra reasons to be humble.
Firstly, you will not lose your license or find yourself in courtroom with charges against you unlike our friend in the story I just told. ...

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