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Professional Roles And Values Paper Wgu C304 Research Paper

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C304 Professional Roles and Values 18
C304 Professional Roles and Values
Task 1
Western Governor’s University
Alysha Novak
A. Nursing Theory
One nursing theory that has influenced my values and goals is Nightingale’s theory of practice. This theory consists of 7 parts, or “canons” (Cherry and Jacob, 2014), all of which are integral to my personal nursing practice.
A1. Excellent Nursing Practices
Nightingale’s theory of practice is used by nurses to implement excellent nursing practices by applying all of the 7 canons; ventilation and warming, noise, variety, diet, light, chattering hopes and advices, and cleanliness (Cherry and Jacob, 2014). Nurses are always maintaining cleanliness of patients and the environment in order to promote health and prevent illness. Nurses are educating patients, families, and visitors on the importance of diet and cleanliness. Nurses are trying to maintain a natural human day/night cycle by keeping rooms dark and quiet to promote sleep at night and light and active during the day. Things like hospice and comfort care exist to help patients during end of life rather than constantly encouraging patients and families to continue treatment even when it would increase morbidity and suffering.
A2. Professional Practice Nursing Theory
My professional nursing practice is strongly influenced by Nightingale’s theory of practice (Cherry and Jacob, 2014). The air in the hospital is kept clean and fresh, each room is private and has its own source of air vents, negative pressure rooms are used for patients who may have an airborne illness, and masks are used for patients with illnesses that can be passed by droplet transmission. Noise is kept to as low a volume as possible, especially at night, and there are signs in the halls and nursing station reminding staff of quiet areas. The hospital provides nutritious meals to patients and minimizes foods with extra sugar or fats. Nurses try to provide plenty of light by opening window blinds in patient rooms during the day, encouraging patients to walk the halls frequently, and allowing patients the opportunity to go outside if they are able. Regarding “chattering hopes and advices,” doctors and staff try to be open and honest with patients and families regarding their situations, rather than offering false hopes. The hospital also uses “connection consults” for severely ill and terminal patients to help the patient and family understand the options for end of life. Cleanliness is a constant job at the hospital with hand hygiene, room and linen cleaning, bathing, etc. Finally, variety is a little more difficult in the hospital setting, but it is provided to patients by encouraging leaving the room, having spiritual care visit with patients to explore their lives and spirituality, multiple television channels for entertainment, and weekly service dog visits to patients who like dogs.
B. Contributions of 19th or 20th Century Historical Nursing Figures
Two historical nursing figures who...

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