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Professional Roles and Values
Task 1 – Professional Nursing Practice
A. Madeline Leninger’s theory of cultural care diversity and universality (Cherry, 2016) has influenced my values and goals. 
1. One way that nurses apply the theory of cultural care diversity and universality to implement excellent nursing practices is to practice cultural humility (Cherry, 2016). By entering into each new patient interaction with a sense of respect for that person’s individual culture and cultural/spiritual needs, you can approach from a place of curiosity and inclusiveness rather than imposing your own world view and culture on each interaction. This is particularly important when coming from a position of power and working with a disadvantaged patient.
2. Leninger’s theory of cultural care diversity and universality fits into my own nursing practice on a daily basis. I work on the trauma unit of a county hospital, and most of my patients are extremely disadvantaged and underserved. I am a middle class white woman. By coming into each patient interaction that I don’t understand what it is like to be black in America, or homeless in an urban area, or a recent immigrant with no English language skills, I can try to better understand my patients’ individual circumstances and how those circumstances may lead to the place they are now. I can also learn from them how to better provide care that makes sense to them. For example, I can let them tell me the best way to refer to them rather than assuming everyone wants to be called by their first name, or I can listen to their requests to pass all medical information through a family intermediary rather than directly to them.
B. Two historical nursing figures in the twentieth century are Jean Watson and Sister Callista Roy. Jean Watson contributed the theory of human caring, the transpersonal caring as the fulcrum theory, and the theory of philosophy and science as the core of nursing. Sister Callista Roy contributed the Adaptation model theory (Cherry, 2016).
1.  The differences between Watson and Roy’s theories are several. First, Watson’s theory posits that there are 10 factors that are core to nursing and focuses on sensitivity, interpersonal skills, trust, and caring as the main jobs of the nurse. Roy, on the other hand, states that the nurse’s main goal is to change the patient’s environment in order to adjust their perception of their circumstances. The focus of Watson is on the relationship between caregiver and patient, whereas Roy focuses on the actions of the caregiver on the patient’s surroundings but not directly with the patient (Cherry, 2016).
2.  Both Watson and Roy’s theories influence my nursing practice. Watson, who I learned about while in school for my nursing diploma, has a theory of human kindness that is integral to the way I practice nursing from day to day. By approaching each patient interaction with as much loving kindness as possible, and putting myself in the place...

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