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Professional Themes Of Codes Of Ethics

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One may consider the CEC Special Education Professional Practice Standards (CEC-SEPPS), the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators (GCE), and the Professional and Behavior Dispositions Rubric (PBDR) of the State University of West Georgia, as three distinctively separate instruments, but inescapable connections lie between them. These connections lie primarily in the CEC Special Education Professional Practice Standards - 1.0 Teaching and Assessment, 3.0 Professional Development, and 4.0 Professional Colleagues standards along with the GCE standard 4-Honesty. These standards are echoed in the PBDR in the concerns of collaboration, professionalism and the belief that all can learn. ...view middle of the document...

To indeed make improvements in these services and outcomes, an educator must exhibit “positive attitudes” and demonstrate “ethical and honest behavior” as outlined in the PBDR. Both the CEC Special Education Professional Practice Standards - 2.0 Professional Credentials and Employment standard and the GCE standard 4-Honesty address this concern. In regards to professionalism, special educators are admonished to “represent themselves in an accurate, ethical, and legal manner with regard to their own knowledge and expertise…” (CEC-SEPPS 2.1), “exemplify honesty and integrity in the course of professional practice…” (GCE standard 4), and to “practice within their professional knowledge and skills…” (CEC-SEPPS 2.3). This concern for honest and ethical behavior is the basis for the standards discussed in this paper and helps to ensure “the citizens of Georgia a degree of accountability within the education profession…” (Beck, 2014).
This accountability extends to another concern found in the PBDR which resonates throughout the concepts of the CEC-SEPPS - “belief all can learn.” Of primary concern is that educators “respect individual differences” (PBDR). One way an educator can respect these differences is to comply with the CEC Special Education Professional Practice Standards - 1.0 Test and Assessment standard. In order to do this, an educator must first “create safe, effective, and culturally responsive learning environments” (CEC-SEPPS1.4) by participating “in the selection and use of effective and culturally responsive instructional materials, equipment, supplies” (CEC-SEPPS 1.5) that include the use of ...

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