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Professional Workplace Dilemma PaperMGT/480Instructor: Kim ClarkBy: Natasha MillerNovember 7, 2014Ethics, every individual has their own standard of ethics; these standards can be summed up in to categories. I personally have an ethical standard described as obligation, I base my "ethical perspective on an individual's duty or obligation to do what is morally right-principles that represent what rational persons ought morally to do"(The Williams Institute For Ethics and Management, Page 2, 2008). Based on my ethical standard my ethical style states that I believe every individual has intrinsic value and have the right to individual respect.Based on my ethical standard and style I am a firm believer in equal rights, equal rights are important in my current position. As a Social Skills Training Instructor for a day program for adults with disabilities I encounter a variety of ethical issues. Unfortunately the rights of our clients are being compromised to benefit others. A current issue I am engaged in is the fair treatment of all clients whether they are conserved or not conserved. "Conservatorship is similar to guardianship in that it is a legal relationship between a protected person and one or more individuals appointed by the court to make decisions on behalf of the protected person" (Flynn, 2014). I have a total of three clients who live together in a care home. Of the three men living together two of them are very well cared for financially and materialistically. These two men are conserved; they have family that takes great care in making sure the care providers are supporting the clients properly. The third man Frisco is not conserved, and has grown up in the system as a ward of the state. Frisco often comes to program in old, torn, and dirty clothes. In addition making medical and dental appointments is a drawn out process. The ethical dilemma I face with the care of Frisco is not only that he does not receive the same level of care, but more importantly that he does not receive immediate care when he is obviously on pain. Frisco is a client in the Social Skills Program based on his behaviors; these behaviors tend to escalate when he is in pain. Often when Frisco is in pain he will have outbursts of screaming, yelling, and even smashing his head into windows or walls. I do not agree that it is ethical to make a client who is in pain wait up to or more than six months for an appointment to see a...

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