Professionalism: Is It Relevant? Essay

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Professionalism has always been an important topic in the business world. However, in more recent times, professionalism has become controversial in nature, as questions of whether jeans, visible tattoos and facial piercings are acceptable and professional for the workplace are frequently discussed. Merriam-Webster defines professionalism as, “the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well. Professionalism can take on several forms, from how a person acts to how a person dresses. All of this can play into the person’s image, which can be highly important in the world of business. Each of these factors have influenced my own view of professionalism, how I have been professional in my work experiences so far, how employers view professionalism, and how I will present myself professionally in my BSAD 220 class.
In my opinion, professionalism is a special skill. It is generally not something that a person automatically knows, but something that is developed with experience and time. The art of being professional includes the way a person dresses and styles his or herself, the way a person presents his or herself, and the way a person communicates with others. Professionalism is everything from maintaining a business dress code and having good posture to having a firm handshake and appropriate eye contact in a conversation. It’s remaining poised and knowing how to successfully navigated the business world in a calm and respectful way, even in conflicts.
I have learned what professionalism is by working in an office the last two summers as a receptionist. I started this job the day after high school graduation, and I fell in love with the business atmosphere and sitting behind a desk all day. However, it was a reality check when I soon learned what was and wasn’t professional for an office setting. I tossed aside my summer sundresses and started drying my hair instead of letting it air-dry, and researched how to draft a professional email. I quickly...

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