Professionals In The Health And Social Sectors To Be Familiar With Tikanga And Te Reo Maori

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Part 1
Professionals in the health and social sectors to be familiar with Tikanga and Te reo Māori.
Part 1A
General importance of recognising culture in the workplace:
We often treat people the way our culture has taught us therefore it is important as professionals that we learn about other cultures in our society as what you say might affect their well-being. It’s also important especially in the health field that we are aware of cultural differences.
It is important to identify both Maori and European culture equally in New Zealand by displaying biculturalism e.g. recognising Māori as being part of social policy and showing a partnership alongside the European and in turn showing respect for the Treaty of Waitangi/ Tiriti o Waitangi and identifying Maori language Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori as learning their customs, traditions and culture of New Zealand (The Encyclopedia of New Zealand, 2012).
A multicultural society is the foundation to all people where they have the freedom to express their language and culture which is why it is important for professionals in the work place to develop cultural competency when working alongside people from different cultural backgrounds as New Zealand is becoming a multicultural society.
The Treaty of Waitangi in Nursing
It is important that nurses involvement, protection and work in collaboration with their patients so they are culturally aware of the work they do in a safe way. As the treaty principles of partnership, protection and participation are used in modern clinical practice i.e. nurses do not do any examinations without explaining or describing what they are doing with the patient. However it is also essential that they build on their professional development in order to gain more knowledge in their career (“Cultural safety in nursing practice,” 2011).
Statistics about Māori health
Maori health varies between whānau and their life style, for example: how many family members there are, whether there are just whānau or other extended whānau living altogether. Current research has suggested statistical agencies to measure subjective well-being also with objective measures. As their socio-economic plays a large part in their well-being because of lack of resources e.g. not being able to visit their local Practioner when needed because of cost (Statistics New Zealand, 2007). Statistics has shown there is about 5 year gap between Māori and non-Māori life expectancy (Peterson & Williams, 2000).
Jobs which require knowledge on the Treaty
In both these health and social sectors a Register Nurse and a Social Worker, it is required to have knowledge about what cultural safety is and being culturally responsive in practices so it is done in a respectful manner. In both jobs it is required to know about the Treaty of Waitangi so that these practices that are put into action and are beneficial when understanding bicultural practices.

Ethical Professional practices
Ethical practices that I learned from...

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