Professors: A Student’s Greatest Tool Essay

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I am writing to you, MTSU Administration, not only as a current student of MTSU, but as an observer. After reading the article “Are Colleges Worth the Price of Admission” in which Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus discuss the multiple ways in which colleges may not be as sound of an investment as they seem, I could not help but think of the very university that I call home. Hacker and Dreifus don’t just talk about the shortcomings that many universities face today, they also discuss various ways in which they see that an institution could improve on college’s primary purpose which is to “challenge the minds of young people” (Hacker and Dreifus). These proposals range from expanding the ...view middle of the document...

Some of the professors that I have had the pleasure of taking at MTSU have been able to do just that.
As the MTSU Administration, I know that the relationship between faculty and students is a popular topic. In The Quest for Student Success, you state that the way that you want to improve on the relationship between student and professor is to increase the faculty/staff-to-student ratio (Patton). With over 22,000 students currently enrolled at MTSU it is no question that the number of faculty needs to be raised in order to help give the one on one experience that every college student deserves (US News). Increasing the number of faculty is a step towards creating the perfect college experience for every MTSU student, but you must keep in mind that every move that you as the MTSU Administration should be used for the purpose of challenging the minds of young people.
Some of the other proposals that were included in the article that could be beneficial for our campus would be to expand on the medical school, research centers and institutes that we offer at MTSU and the use of electronic teaching as a viable method of learning. Another proposed idea that would be greatly beneficial for our institution to get students more excited to go into fields such as literature and philosophy that help stretch ones intellect (Hacker and Dreifus). While these proposals would be beneficial to MTSU, they are not as beneficial as the importance of the ability to engage the students. This is because before you get a student to want to take...

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