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Portfolio 1

When some thinks of westward expansion they think of Europeans coming in and creating a new world. A world of freedom and democracy. Getting away from the hardships that were thrust upon them in England. What most people don’t like to think of is what those Europeans did to create the America we see today. People are so quick to say they don’t want immigrants in America, yet they were the original immigrants that came and stole lands from the Native Americans. In Red Cloud’s speech ‘All I want is Peace and Justice’ the reader gets a sense of what the Native American’s were feeling when they realized that the Europeans were there to stay. He gives the reader a good look at what has become of his people and how he was willing to throw his life on the line for just a little peace.
At the beginning of his speech Red Cloud says, “You came here and we received you as brothers.” When the first settlers landed the Native American’s were curious. Just like any other person would be when they see boats coming to shore. They got a good look at them and then they spoke to them. After settling their curiosity they went back into the trees and let the settler’s do their own thing. In history class we learned of Jamestown and how the settlers were unprepared for the harsh winter that Virginia had. Half of the Jamestown population died that winter. At first the Native American’s didn’t do anything but out of the kindness of their hearts, they gave them food. they gave them a chance to survive the winter. They didn’t have to do that. They could have let them starve and die out. Then more settlers arrived and they needed more land and more land and more land. It just continued until they were on Native American land. The people that once helped through a harsh winter were now in the way. Unfair treaties were signed and the Native American’s continued to be pushed back. Instead of idly sitting and twiddling their thumbs they started to push back and fight for their right to live...

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