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Profile Of A Leader Essay

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The term leadership has many different definitions and is perceived in different ways. Common core concepts of leaderships are that it “involves a process of intentional influence that is exerted by one person over other people to guide or facilitate activities in a group or organization” (Yukl, 2006). A leader is defined as a “person or thing that leads” or “a guiding or directing head” while leadership “is a person who guides or directs a group” (Webster). Leaders influence individuals in order to accomplish a common goal. Qualities found in effective leaders are that have exemplary character, analytically thinkers, enthusiastic about their work, function in an orderly manner, remain ...view middle of the document...

Leadership effectiveness is measured by outcomes which are dependent on the objectives and values.
Leadership requires good managerial skills and to be an effective manager entails a lot of details. Management is an important quality when it comes to effective leadership. Studies show that many effective leaders have someone who works for them that is able to manage accurately. They are able to match individual’s strengths to a specific task as needed. Without this quality leadership is more difficult and not as effective. Managers have a hectic and unrelenting schedules, their work is fragmented and varies from day to day. They deal with the day to day problems and have need for good networking skills since their dealing are with individuals inside and outside of their organization. Many of their interaction with individuals are through oral communication. The communication could be written, electronic, telephone message or face to face. Face to face is the preferred method; this gives them the opportunity to influence others. They also use small talk to build relationships since they deal with people on all different levels. Their decision process is based on the views of those that they work with and work for. Their short-term plans are detailed while long-term agendas are very broad. The majority of their activities deal with developing and maintaining relationships, obtaining and providing information, making decisions, and influencing people. The Managerial Position Description Questionnaire (MPDQ) looked at the behaviors of managers and found several consistencies when it came to a mangers duties and responsibilities. They supervise, plan and organize, make decision, monitor, control, represent, coordinate, consult and administrate. Once again we see that influencing people is one of the main criteria for an effective leader and manager.
Currently I am employed at an institution of higher education in an academic department. My current supervisor is an Interim Associate Dean for our department. She was originally a professor that was moved into the position. When reviewing behaviors of effective leaders and the task of managers, I do not feel that she currently encompass these qualities. From my perspective her leadership skills need some development. Working with her on projects has shown to be difficult due to lack of information and direction. From one day to the next you do not know what to expect. It is like living with an alcoholic. You do not know what you will get from one day to the next. She is not dependable and only considers her own needs. You feel as if you have to walk on egg shells around her. Working under my current supervisor takes the wind out of my sails because you do not know what she wants or how she wants it accomplished. The desire to complete a task becomes daunting.
In my opinion she needs to improve on her managerial skills in order to increase her leadership role. Her verbal...

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