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Profile Of The United Kingdom And The Logistics Industry

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United Kingdom Profile

Population of UK (2012, CIA WORLD DATA) is 63,395,212 millon.
Area in sq. km according to CIA 2012 is 244,820.
GDP in US dollars according to CIA 2012 figures is 2.443 trillion.
GDP Per capita in US dollars (CIA) is 36,000
Growth rate of GDP in 2012 ( CIA ) was 0.2%

Background to UK Major Industries

The introduction of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher brought major changes to the sectors operating in Great Britain. Prior to Thatcher the country focused mainly on manufacturing for instance car manufacturing, coal mining. However, once she came to power, she acknowledged that Britain was no longer profitable in such industries thus the country moved to focus on the ...view middle of the document...

” . Thus this information explains the change in transportation for the UK.
However in order to maintain operations in the road and rail freight, the UK government has released statements showing their plans to make trading through these methods of transports easier for logistic service providers. Below statements from The Logistic Report 2012 (FTA) gives details of such changes.

Improvements to Roads statement: “be targeting over £1bn investment in the most growth-critical roads. It will also use a pinch point fund to deliver technology improvements on a number of key routes, such as the M5, M40, M3 and M54.”

Improvements to Rail: “For rail, Government will make available funding for an investment of £55m in the Strategic Rail Freight Network to remove bottlenecks and improve connectivity to the UK’s major ports.

Current UK Logistics Activity
The UK’s EU exports for November 2013 total £12.4 billion and The UK’s EU imports for November 2013 total £19.3 billion (HM Revenue and Customs.) According to national statistics the UK remains a net importer (imports are greater than exports) with the difference totalling £6.9 billion as shown in the table below. In highlighting the growth of the logistics market we can compare the 2012 and 2013 figures which show that imports rose by £0.9 billion and exports fell by £1.0 billion.

Evaluation of Logistic Activities in United Kingdom
In analysing the current practise of UK logistics it can be concluded that those involved are operating satisfactory. The countries current status shows that it is enabling the right trading so as profit (GDP) can be maintained. To date the country plays a vital role in the international logistics and in evaluating this aspect, they also appear to be contributing satisfactory as they are “among the top three recipients of FDI in the world” showing other countries want to continue to invest in what the country has to offer. However, whilst studying the countries profile, there were some areas of concern within this subject. They do not have the same volume of logistics as other countries, for example “UK exports almost as wide a range of products as Germany, Japan and the USA in emerging markets, it exports less of them”. (UK International Trade and Investment Report 2013). This can be explained through the nature of their products as the UK produces higher valued products but less of them and so will continue to fall behind their competitors. They can compete due to the high prices of their products, however, this means that they likely to pay more in transportation costs than their competitors. Thus many businesses involved in British sectors may look to outsource their logistics.

Outsourcing Logistics. (Drivers Involved)

The countries profile shows it to be most heavily involved in the service industry which subsequently means heavy reliance on human resources. Providing service creates the need for every business to have a department in customer services. This...

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