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Profit Maximisation Is Not The Sole Objective Of Business.

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Profit maximisation has been one of the main aims of the firms. The generally accepted view is the long run will wish to maximize profit. Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenue can be used to find the profit maximising level of output. Marginal cost is the addition to total cost of one extra unit of output. Marginal revenue is the increase in total revenue resulting from an extra unit of sales. Economic theory predicts that profits will be maximised at the output level where marginal cost equals maginal revenue (MC=MR). This is the point where firms will decide to produce.The control of firms is likely to lie with one or more of the firm's stakeholders. It might seem obvious to state that it is the owners or shareholders of a company who control it. This is perhaps true for small businesses where the owner is also the director or manager of the business. The owner of a small local corner shop, for instance, who also runs the shop will make the decisions about the business. However, it is less obvious that owners control the business they own when there is a very large number of shareholders.Apart from the shareholders, the are also other stakeholders in business. Shareholders in a public limited company elect directors to look after their interests. Directors in turn appoint managers who are responsible for the day to day running of the business. Therefore there may be a divorce between ownership and control. The only way in which owners can influence decision making directly is by sacking directors at the Annual General Meeting of the company. In practice the company needs to be going bankrupt to stir sufficient shareholders for this to happen. Shareholders can also sell their shares, forcing the share price down and making the company more vulnerable to a takeover bid. If there is a takeover the directors and managers may well lose their jobs and hence there is pressure on managers to perform well. The workers, particularly through their trade unions, may be able to exert strong pressure on a company. They do not have the power to run the company in the way that shareholders or managers able to do. However, they can have an important influence on matters such as wages (and therefore costs), health and safety at work and location or relocation of premises. The state government provides an underlying framework for the operation of the company. Legislation on taxation, the environment, consumer protection, health and safety at work, employment practices, solvency and many other issues forces companies to behave in a way in which they might otherwise not do in an unregulated environment. The consumer, through organizations such as the Consumers' Association or various trade organizations, can also bring pressure to bear on companies in an attempt to make them change their policies. This form of influence is often rather weak; consumer sovereignty is more important. In a free market, consumers cast their spending votes amongst companies. Companies which...

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