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Profits For Lives Essay

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War profiteers have been present as a big blemish in Canadian society as they played roles in the two great World Wars and also the war in Iraq.

Corruption started to become evident in the Shell Committee in Canada as it produced an increasingly amount munitions.

The second war took what profits were made during the first war and doubled it. Wall street had now become the ‘world’s bank.’ Never before in history were ventures so profitable.

Private Companies are still scooping up huge, no-questions-asked contracts to manufacture weapons, rebuild infrastructure or anything else the government deemed necessary to win the war in Iraq.
No one should benefit from war. There should be no “war millionaires” because it just causes a reason for there to be more conflict.

As Canada started to make more and more munitions to fulfill Britain’s need corruption within the system began to occur.

• - Many men went to Valcartier because of unemployment including those who were recent immigrants who failed to find a place in a suffering economy. After getting sent overseas, Canadians showed off their new boots, uniforms & wagons. A few months on Salisbury showed that much of the equipment and clothing of the First Contingent were cheaply made and ill designed.

• -Well established exporters (like William Davies Co.) quadrupled its business in the first year of the war but a British contract for 2 million Canadian boots did nothing to enhance our nations reputation for quality goods.

• - The British found themselves desperately in need for artillery so Hughes summoned business cronies and formed a Shell Committee. The British asked no questions and gave them an order for $2 million shells and 1.9 million brass casings by Christmas 1914. By mid-summer 1915 the shell committee had $170 million in orders. It had only delivered $5.5 million worth amidst of profiteering and ill-concealed scandals.

If something hadn’t been done about the backlog in the orders, Canada would have stopped receiving orders from Britain.

The amount of profits made during WW2 were double those of the previous world war. It was promised that there would be no war millionaires by the American Prime Minister at the time but it was clearly not kept in both Canada and the US.

• - The Great Depression was ranked among the worst disasters of the 20th century. The recovery took place after that but was uneven and interrupted by a serious recession in 1937-38. It was far from complete when WW2 began. It brought in a quick speedy recovery, which had been waited for so long. It fulfilled the worst fears of a small organization of Canadians who in 1935 said “ It will be the mocking irony of our economic system if it presents as the ultimate moral, “Christian” solution for unemployment- another war”.

• - Many young men, a group unusually hard-hit by the Depression and resulting unemployment preferred being trained to kill and perhaps eventually be killing or being killed rather than...

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