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My school has asked me to be a part of their planning committee for the new school. The committee has asked me to include an idea on how the school could be improved to help students get a better education. My idea revolves around students like me who have disabilities such as ADHD, ADD, OCD, and many other students with disabilities. Students learn very differently. We students learn our own way and many of us need special help from people who understand how we work. So I propose that the school should get teachers who specialize in these children.

Im going to explain the different kind of students and learning disabilities teachers sometimes fail to recognize. There are Kids with ADHD, like me, have trouble learning. we can’t focus, it’s hard for us to sit still for long periods of time, we get bored very easily and nobody understands why. We also have the OCD kids, again like me, who have to learn in there own way. The OCD students have to be able to plan out how and when they are going to get things done, they have to do things their own way, they have to feel like they are in control not you. Which make its hard on students like me to get things done. Then we have the other students who have given up on themselves, who need to feel like they are worth something to somebody. These students need the most help. Which is why my idea will help.

My idea is that the new high school should get teachers who specialize with these types of students. I think that the schools faculty should go through each students files and divide the students into groups based on the way they learn. Students should have their own say about their education so they should be the ones to choose which way is easier for them and their education. Students will have a better chance if they have teachers...

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