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Program That Creates A Shell And Executes Some Shell Commands

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/* myshell.c
Description: Program that creates a shell and executes some shell commands


extern char **getln();

// Function used to check the file input direction command
int inputFile(char **args, char **fileIn) {

int i,j;
//go thorough the command line arguments
for(i=0;args[i] != NULL;i++) {

// check for the input direction symbol
if(args[i][0] == '') {

// save the filename command
if(args[i+1] != NULL) {
*fileOut = args[i+1];

/*for(j=i;args[j-1] != NULL; j++) {
args[j] = args[j+2];
return 1;
return 0;

// The main function of the program responsible for creating the shell
main() {

// all the variables used in the programs functionality
int i;
char **args;
int status;
pid_t child;
int checkInput;
int checkOutput;

int flag =0;
char *fileOut;
char *fileIn;
int sum=0;

int num;
long convert;
int j;
int count=0;
int k;
int counter;
int checkProduct;

while(1) {

sum =0;
int argCount = 0;
args = getln();

// go through the loop and print all the command line arguments
for(i = 0; args[i] != NULL; i++) {
printf("Argument %d: %s\n", i, args[i]);

if(strcmp(args[0],"add") == 0) {

// convert the hex into decimal in roder to add it to sum for the add command
if(args[i][0] == '0' && (args[i][1] == 'x')) {
convert = strtol(args[i],NULL,16);
printf("The number is %ld \n", convert);
sum = sum + convert;

// check if it is a valid integer or not
num = atoi(args[i]);
if (num == 0) {
//printf("Number is: %i \n", num);
else {
sum = sum + num;

// check to see if there is arg or args command, if there is then print
// number of arguments and list them on the screen
if((strcmp(args[0],"arg") == 0) ||...

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