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Event summary
T02 held the dance outreach activity on 3rd December 2013, the group that I am evaluating on consist of Sharian, Jacyntha, Jazztine and Valerie which is doing on a Cambodian Dance called the lakhon luong. Their outreach activity consist of three parts, the first part is at the bulletin boards, where the group will explain to the participants about lakhon luong, and then they proceed to the quiz, which when the answer the question correctly, they get to spin the wheel-of-fortune to get themselves a takeaway. Lastly, there is a photo booth for the participants to take a Polaroid picture as another takeaway. Sharian was stationed at the bulletin board to give a brief presentation to the participants. Valerie is in-charge of giving the quiz to the participants, Jacyntha is in-charge to taking the Polaroid for the participant and lastly, Jazztine is in-charge of attracting people to the booth and take part in their activity
Firstly, I will be discussing on my findings for what went well and what did not went well during the two hours dance outreach activity based on the observations I made with my group. Next, I will be discussing whether the outreach activity is a success or a failure based on the survey we conducted. Lastly, I will give recommendations on how the activity can be improve on, which will be based on other similar outreach activity.
Based on observations I made with my group, there are a lot of things that went well during their activities. Firstly, Sharian explanation of the Cambodian dance was very good, it was very brief and clearly expressed. While observing Sharian giving an explanation about Cambodian dance to one group of people, one of them actually said to us that he gave a very good and clear explanation. The participants were generally happy that they get to learn about the Cambodian dance, even willing to try out simple dance steps. Secondly, there was a good transition from the presentation to the games, majority of the people were actually able to answer the questions. Therefore, the group was able to meet their first objective was “to raise awareness and increase knowledge of lakhon luong among youths” (para. 14). The participants was able to learn at least one thing from their activity, and they are not aware of the existence of a Cambodian dance called lakhon luong. Lastly, besides their programme outline, their booth was visually attractive. The first thing you will notice is their photo booth, it was very eye-catching. Their takeaways was displayed nicely on the table, also, their wheel-of-fortune was very nicely designed, and participant are always attracted to the wheel-of-fortune first.
However, there were some drawbacks during their outreach activity. Firstly, even though their outreach activity was very nicely designed, the photo booth keeps falling apart. One time, when the participants was actually taking picture at their photo booth, the sign board actually fell and...

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