Programming Languages Discusses A Few Of The Programming Languages Used At Hewlett Packard

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Programming LanguagesThere are many, many programming languages utilized throughout Hewlett Packard, but there are a handful of 'key' programming languages that are used as a default unless technology and business needs point to another, more specific, solution. This paper discusses (a) a few of the programming languages used at Hewlett Packard, (b) the reasoning behind the selection of a programming language at our company, and (c) the add-ons we develop in-house to these standard, off-the-shelf programming languages.Visual Studio.NETHewlett Packard utilizes Visual Studio.NET to do a greater part of developing and programming for both in-house and external applications and web pages. C# (also known as C sharp), C++, and J# (also known as J sharp, or, more commonly, Java) are all utilized as implements in Hewlett Packard's toolkit to develop robust, performance-driven interfaces and processes.A wealth of information can retrieved regarding Visual Basic.NET components; I have included a table to provide a brief overview of the parts that make up the overall package Microsoft has put together (excerpted from Enterprise Architect Enterprise Developer ProfessionalVisual Basic .NETVisual Basic .NET enables full object-oriented programming with implementation inheritance, structured exception handling, and free-threading. Visual C# .NETVisual C# .NET 2003 is the modern, innovative programming language and tool for building .NET-connected software for Microsoft Windows, the Web, and a wide range of devices. With syntax that resembles C++, a flexible integrated development environment (IDE), and the capability to build solutions across a variety of platforms and devices, Visual C# .NET 2003 significantly eases the development of .NET-connected software. Visual C++ .NETVisual C++ .NET enables developers to build managed and unmanaged applications, using the .NET Framework, Active Template Library (ATL) Server, and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). Visual C++ conforms to the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) more than any previous version. It also contains new language support for features including Koenig Lookup and Partial Template Specialization. Visual J# .NETVisual J# .NET is a development tool for Java-language developers who want to build applications and services on the .NET Framework. Built-in support for additional programming languagesWith support for multiple programming languages, you can easily program in the language of your choice and integrate code from any other language. Selection MethodologyThe majority of programming languages selected for use at Hewlett Packard are chosen for a few specific factors: (1) a ubiquitous programming language base worldwide; (2) operating base consistency and compatibility; (3) finances, and (4) knowledge base availability.A...

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