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Programs For Abusive Men: Do They Really Work?

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Characteristics and Attitudes of Abusive MenThroughout the many cases and instances of abuse that occur, there are various victims, characteristics and attitudes involved. Discussing abusive men involves the consideration of many factors and distinctiveness. First and foremost, abuse by men can be considered an escalating form of violence, characterized by different forms of terrorization with possessive and controlling features (Smith, 2007). To consider abusive men as simply violent or over aggressive is incorrect, since there are many undiscovered reasons to explain their behaviour. For the general public, abusive behaviours are known as slapping, kicking, hitting or any form of forced sexual contact (Smith, 2007). However, there are other forms of abuse that also need recognition. Verbal abuse, intimidation, shaming, isolation, monitoring behaviours and restricting health care or aid are also important types of abuse commonly used by males (Smith, 2007). Abusive men have alternate characteristics and attitudes depending on the factors involved in their specific situation. For example they often intimidate to gain control and abuse and monitor their partner to ensure they don't speak about the incident. Violent men also process information according to accessible systems of knowledge revealing their negative past experiences of human contact and relationships (Chamberland, Fortin, Turgeon, & Laporte, 2007). These can also be described as triggers which force formerly abused young adults or parents to mistreat their partner or children in the same way shape or form that they endured or witnessed as children. Taking this into consideration, to directly punish abusive men without studying their reasoning for their behaviour and recognition of their acts would be unjust.The behaviour of abusive men is multi-dimensional, including familial or environmental factors. Features such as age, alcohol or substance abuse, unemployment, low income, low academic achievement, poverty or the use of violence to resolve a conflict and gain control are common illustrations (Smith, 2007). Control over women is a typical characteristic of abusive men that is often set as a goal. Feminist sociologists propose the root of violence against women is man's desire to maintain social dominance over a woman (Smith, 2007). The female perception is extremely valid when determining the motives for abusive behaviour. It should be taken in consideration with the perspective of the abuser, to create an equal argument. The control over women often results in failure and anger when males are unable to achieve this (Schmidt et al., 2007). When men are unable to accomplish this goal of controlling their female partner, they resort to cruel behaviour and coercion to intimidate and prove their strength in a relationship. The anger they deploy is used to cover their embarrassment and painful feelings of rejection. Men often feel compelled to assert masculinity through abusive...

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