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Programs To Take Families Off The Welfare System

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By making improvements to the Welfare System in America has become a way of life that has entrapped so many single and married households across the country. Statistics show that there were 108,592,000 people who are recipients of one or more means of the government benefit programs. The Census Bureau recorded by surveys over 101, 716,000 people who worked full time year around in 2011 which only allowed one member of the family to work year round. The system is meant to help low income families, however; they don’t want to be not allowed to grow by becoming more independent and have opportunities to rise above poverty. The quest to change the welfare system is to ensure the welfare and the rights of children, their parents and taxpayers are not ignored. Programs have been developed to ensure welfare recipients are employable and retained. These programs are in the forms of training, workshops, and education, as well as other services that will provide support as well as pride and self-sufficiency.
Welfare reform system was kicked off with the Personal Responsibility and Work opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. This heralded a new era in which welfare recipients were required to look for work as a condition of receiving benefits. Originally, the welfare system was created to help the poor, who were in need of financial and medical support. Over the years, welfare has become a way of life for its recipients and has created a culture of dependency. The welfare reform system is in the process of being repaired or reformed. The
purpose is to get people off the welfare system and into the job market. The new system developed is now called workfare. In order to ensure workfare is successful there are many components to the welfare reform system.

Originally, the welfare system was created to help poor men, women, and children who are in need of financial and medical support. Over the years, welfare has become a way of life for its recipients and has created a culture of dependency ( Currently, the state is in the process of reforming the welfare system. The welfare reform system’s goal was to get people off the welfare system and onto the job market. The hope was to move people from dependency to self-reliance. Opposition to the new welfare reform system has occurred. Some believe "support in a welfare-to-work program might create new problems for children by adding strains to family life or by exposing children to poor substitute care arrangements for policies that design welfare-to-work programs that pursue the dual goals of economic self-sufficiency for families and healthy development of children." (
Welfare policies aimed at improving family circumstances for both children and parents must not make the error of focusing solely on parents; if the intention is to enhance the immediate and long-term development of both generations within the...

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