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Have you ever wondered about the kings and queens of the Middle age? Did you ever dream about being the shiny night or the beautiful princess? Another great question is what events occurred to cause the disappearance of such characters and traditions? Well, in order for a society to progress, change is a necessity. Events that occurred in the Middle Ages led to changes in medieval society throughout Europe. These changes can be categorized as social, economical, and political.
An important event that contributed to social change in the medieval period was the life of Joan of Arc. Before Joan came to prominence in France, she had been a mere peasant girl that often wore men’s clothing. At that time, serfs were considered the lowest of the low and were not permitted by the Roman Catholic Church to have a direct connection to God. However, after Joan led the French armies at the siege of Orleans, claiming she was told to do so by God, Catholic leaders felt that because Joan was a peasant she could not be hearing the voice of God and tried her for heresy. Twenty-five years after Joan’s death at the stake, the Catholic Church declared her a saint. Joan’s example was significant for a number of reasons. She proved to women that although she was illiterate and a young woman, she was capable of great feats such as leading the French army. Joan of Arc served as a religious role model for those in the early renaissance years. As well, the Inquisitions also contributed to change during the Middle Ages. Previous to the Inquisitions, people of Europe challenged the Catholic Church and began calling for reform to end the corruption of the Church. The Inquisitions were conducted to punish those who challenged the Church’s authority and intimidate others who might rebel. The Inquisitions silenced overt opposition. However, they also made people more determined to reform or break away from the Catholic Church, laying the foundation for the Protestant Reformation. Joan of Arc created a role model for women of the Middle Ages, and the Inquisitions created discontent that would later boil over into the Reformation movement, and these two events led to social change in Europe.
As well, major economic...

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