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Progression PartyI am here today to introduce a new, innovative political party. As generations pass, a country must constantly upgrade itself in order to remain strong. This party, called the Progression Party, will embark on a journey to form a stronger, more advanced country. As a new political party, it seeks to gain the support of currently moderate voters. The Progression party believes in research, education, government programs, strict gun laws, and equal rights; while they do not believe in abortion, the death penalty, and affirmative action. Its primary goals are intense research on technology and better education for America's children. We support progress to make America healthier, safer, and more secure; to maintain our environment; and to expand the nation into the future.Education is the foundation of America's future. By supporting vast improvement on education, the Progression Party is looking to preserve the future. The Progression Party will spend more money, more than all the previous presidents have, on education. We cannot expect our children to learn in classrooms that are overcrowded, with teachers that are overburdened, and with technology that is old-fashioned. We need to invest in our schools and our children's' futures.A shocking level of gun violence has been recorded in America. Society needs to keep guns away from those who shouldn't have them. Yet society must also take steps in ways that value the rights of hunters, sportsmen, and lawful gun owners. The black market of gun sales must be stopped. Stricter background checks must be made on every citizen who purchases a gun. Progressives believe that we should fight gun crime on all fronts and have tough laws and harder enforcement. A country must protect itself from foreign threats. National security is of the utmost importance to society. Americans must not fear foreign attacks and must be able to act in self-defense. Yet currently America has the strongest military abilities and overspending on the military affairs should not occur. America should negotiate with foreign nations before declaring a war. America should not be responsible for protecting other countries interests. Yes, we should help the poorer third-world countries economically but necessarily militarily. No American should lose his or her life acting to protect a hostile and undemocratic foreign country. Americans must not kill Americans. Abortion rights and the death penalty should be abolished. Mothers should not have the right to kill their children. By allowing abortion human lives are being destroyed intentionally. The death penalty is "cruel and unusual punishment." Mankind should not kill person even if a severe crime has been committed. By killing men and women the government is acting like a hypocrit. The environment we live in must be maintained in order to preserve the future. We have to do what's right for our Earth because it is the moral thing to do. We must reduce...

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