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Men such as Marx, Mill, and Voltaire had very dramatic impacts on how our society progressed and evolved. They essentially taught us and guided us in the right direction that would be best for society and although every one of them had a different way of doing it they all managed to make their way succeed. In this paper I will elaborate more on how each one of them acted in the right way and in accordance to what their beliefs were.According to Marx there were 2 classes, the bourgeoisie, who were the noble, wealthy landowners, and then the proletariat, who were the poor working class. ?The bourgeoisie cannot exist without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production, and thereby the relations of production, and with them the whole relations of society.? (Communist manifesto, p. 12) These classes were constantly in conflict with one another because the proletariats were constantly trying to make more money and get out of this economical dry spell. The bourgeoisie didn?t exactly have the urge to pay more money to these people since they new that in order to survive they would have to have some type income. So if they revolted they would either be killed for trying to or would die because their income would not be there, ergo, they would not have any money to buy food with and would suffer from starvation. ?What, therefore, the wage-laborer appropriates by means of his labor merely suffices to prolong and reproduce a bare existence.? (Communist Manifesto p.24) This is how the Iron Law of wages started because a worker has to get paid a minimum wage at the least in order to stay in existence or stay living. Companies started to realize that if they increased their wages more employees would come work for them however they would also have to raise their prices to be able to afford they increase in salary. This would cause the company to go bankrupt because the other companies will have kept their prices low causing consumers to buy other products instead. The employee?s would now be in an even bigger problem because if they get fired they have no money coming in as opposed to working at a company that didn?t pay as well.Marx also greatly encouraged companies and government to lower working hours so employees can enhance what skills they may have in the arts and sciences and express them selves more openly. Marx also thought that Capitalism came into existence to get rid of feudalism. Now he feels that like feudalism, capitalism should be cut out of existence and Communism should step into take its place. The main reason why he wants communism in the society is to get rid of the social classes and have everyone be equal so there will be no more revolutions and no wars to try and get better living standards.Marx does not fully accept enlightenment wholeheartedly though because he feels that certain within the society should indeed stay the way they originally where. He feels that not everything is wrong with people as a whole however he...

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