Progressive Era: The Era Of Immigration, Race, And Women’s Rights

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The Progressive era was a period of reform in American history that spanned roughly from the 1890s to the 1920s. Prohibitions, segregation, women's suffrage and immigration arose during this time, like many of the social reforms that shape the way we live and work today. The progressive era in the United States one of the most important times in history with brought permanent changes to the American ways of living. All of these and other factor were vital for the creation of a new American society.
Be Gender roles:

At the beginning of the 20th century the United States starts to leave behind the old ideas of the 19th century concerning the separate, and indeed distinct natures of men and women, which were more, standardized at the pick of the industrialization which defined merchandize labor as the “job of men,” and the domestic duties as the natural domain of woman. At this time, the relationships with men and women and of both in society stated to generate a big change thanks to the rapid change that industrialization was creating in society, which provokes a rebirth a new believe an practice of the traditional render roles.
In the early 20’s women felt that they were lacking participation in their own communities, which alienated them from providing any type of influence in their own society. For this lack in participation women felt that they needed to take action. Voting was one of the first symbolic movements that women saw as a passage to gain all of the rights that they were denied.
During this part the gran majority of men did not think that it was a good idea to support women for various reasons. One of the first reasons was that women were larger number of citizen at the time. Also men thought that they could lose power over the women if they were given any rights. Furthermore, most men didn’t think that women were capable of understanding all of the difficulty of the situations that they were going to be voting on. The shocking part the previous reason, is that not only men thought that women mentally incapable but some women did as well. In the essay by Jane Addams “Why Women Should Vote,” Addams makes a call to all women to unite then and change their traditional ways of thinking. In the essay she mentions how it’s a women duty not only a right to vote. She is trying to reach out to those women that seemed confortable being dependent from their husbands and saying how they do not have to leave their domestic duty, but instead the could make it better.
Soon after women gave their first vote in 1922 they statured to think that they were equals to men and also they starting to look for more personal freedom. Women started to be more and more involved in male activities. Women during this time felt freer to dress the way they wanted also cut their hair. For many women having short hair became a symbol of freedom. In the movie, Iron Jawed Angel at the end almost every suffragist was shown we short hair, in a way...

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