Illegal Immigrant Vs. Spain Essay

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Spain’s interior minister has admitted it was wrong when Spanish border police fired rubber bullets in an attempt to deter 200 migrants who tried to cross the frontier between Morocco and Spain's North African enclave Ceuta on 6 February (Iaccino; News). At least 11 people drowned in the Mediterranean while trying to swim across breakwater between Spain and Morocco (Iaccino). The rubber bullets had been fired at a distance at least 25 meters while migrants in the water and also that was not the first time, Spain's government provided a red welcome mat for illegal African Immigrants on March 11, 2004, when 190 people were killed by terrorists, most of whom were from Morocco and immigration amnesty quickly became a security issue (Bradley). Mr. Fernandez Diaz said "Clearly Spain forms part of the strategic objectives of global jihad," and "We are not the only ones but we are in their sights obviously." (News).
How do illegal immigrants get into Spain? And their “rights”?
According to CNN, the Western Mediterranean sea route had 6,400 illegal border crossing in 2012(top 3 nationalities: Algeria 2020, not specified 1410, and Morocco 500) (Staff). That is just an estimate also the number is increasing every day. At Spain’s border, the police had found 2 illegal immigrants who squeezed into the tiny space beneath the boot in the bottom of a car in the latest desperate attempt to get into Europe (Govan). Also despite their effort of pretending to be car seat by the passenger side with the co-driver sat on top (Moran). The driver had been detained and faced charges for people trafficking and abusing the rights of foreign citizens, a minimum 4 year sentence (Govan).
Human Rights Watch released a long report on the treatment of sub-Saharan African migrants on Morocco which “commonly beat, abuse, and sometimes steal from migrants in the northeastern part of country” and they found the abused occurred who had failed to reach Spain (R. News). Moroccan security forces are still using violence against who expelled from Melilla. Migrants are trying to find the new “home” but they are stuck in the between without home, nowhere to go, and being abused. According to RT News “which prohibit countries from forcibly returning anyone to a place where they would face a real risk of being subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment” (R. News).
What is the explanation from Spain about over immigrant deaths?
“EU laws state...

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