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Illegal Immigrants And The Educational System

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Illegal Immigrants and the Educational System

Secondary education is a highly debated subject. Many critics of secondary education say that inner-city high schools and students are not receiving the same attention as students from non inner-city high schools. Two of the biggest concerns are the lack of school funding that inner-city high schools are receive and the low success rate in sending inner-city high schools graduates to college. Critics say that while inner-city high schools struggle to pay its teachers and educate its student’s non inner-city high schools don’t have to deal with the lack of school funding. Also students from non inner-city high school are not being given the opportunity to attend colleges once the students graduate. But opponents of these critics blame an entirely different issue; and that is illegal immigrant students over crowding and attending high school at the expense of taxpayers. It cost millions of dollars a year for illegal immigrant students to attend high school and this is the main reason why schools are experiencing budget problems. Teaching illegal immigrant students creates a difficult learning environment and that is why students in inner-city high schools are not moving on to a higher education. This paper will explore the controversy and issues of secondary education; it will expose the hidden truths and prove that illegal immigrants are taking a toll on the education system.

So why has this become a problem that has grown way out of proportion? An organization known as Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) published a report on Immigration and School Overcrowding, with the help of David W. Stewart, author of Immigration and Education: The Crisis and Opportunities; they offer an explanation and cite a Supreme Court decision that allow illegal immigrants to attend public schools:

By a five-to-four decision in 1982, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Plyler v. Doe that the equal protection provision of the Constitution's 14th Amendment requires public schools to admit illegal alien children, on the presumption that denial of public education to children whose parents brought them illegally to the United States is not a rational response to states' concerns about illegal immigration. 1 The opinion, however, was based on specific circumstances that could change and it did not apply to education beyond mandatory public schooling (qtd. in Stewart, par. 8).

This ruling by the Supreme Court gives the opportunity for illegal immigrant students to attend any public school even though that they are violating the law by being here in the United States illegally. Now the burdens are of the Supreme Court are being felt by public schools all over the United States. This in turn is hurting students who are citizens of the U.S. by depriving them of the fundamental right of education. How bad does the situation have to get before laws begin to change so that...

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