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The devastating amount of illegal immigrants is increasing daily. The numbers almost tripled by 2008 at an atrocious 11.9 million compared to the 3.5 million that were in the United States in 1990 (Izumi). Referring to these numbers by including the government incentives such as; birthright citizenship, Medicare, and the IRS whom is paying billions of dollars of tax refunds to the illegal non-citizens of America. They are getting costs of about 9.4 trillion dollars, which they will eventually pay 3 trillion in taxes (Izumi). This huge sum of money will negatively affect the economy in America on a huge scale. Moreover the deficit left behind of 6.3 trillion net would be paid back in the form of raising government debt or taxes on the actual U.S. citizens (Izumi). The growing population of illegal immigrants is an ongoing issue that cripples employment opportunities, syphons money from hardworking taxpayers, and robs citizenship from law- abiding immigrants.
The most critical effect the illegal immigrants are having on the economy is that they are creating more government debts, which are destroying the middle-class who get the bad end of their actions by having to accommodate to the high demand in taxes. These taxes are already high to begin with, so now the actual citizens of America are being forced to pay for these people who cannot just go through the procedures to become legal in this country, and who are not even carrying their own weight in this society. Moreover, approximately 47 percent of all illegal immigrant families consist of parents with children, who of course over the years will eventually send their kids to public school. The schooling for this large amount of children are being paid by the U.S. taxpayers, who work so hard already just to make ends meet, and on top of that have to pay for illegal people living off free incentives (Izumi).
Not only does the employment of illegal immigrants cause greater debt and higher taxes for citizens and legal residents, it also increases unemployment for them as well. Illegal immigrants work for less money undercutting the working man’s wage and encouraging employers to hire them under the table to save money. Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are employed in Rio Grande Valley of Texas (McGrath). Those jobs should be provided to legal and documented workers yet the jobs are not available and leave an overwhelming number of honest tax payers unemployed. This is an issue that is occurring throughout the United States and not just bringing hardships to the legally residing population, but degrading the moral of the country as well. A large number of the workforce is working under the table and not paying taxes while more and more employers are illegally hiring workers without documenting their employment. It is an endless cycle of cutting corners and breaking laws.
The overall issue of having to support these illegal immigrants unknowingly day and night through taxes is expensive for the...

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