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Can the genetic duplication of humans lead to a mysterious concept in life? By listening to each and every individual's opinion, does cloning seem like an advantage or disadvantage? The debate between the pros and cons of this questioning topic makes several people in this world bewildered. Others either consider it to be interesting or frightening. After taking a glance at the world, we understand the rapid growth of advanced technology, the lack of mother nature, and foremost, the cruelty and jealousy between one another. These factors, as well as many others, affect the cloning of human beings.Other harmless techniques, such as organ cloning, may help and save millions. Although, cloning whole humans will some day cause trouble to the human race. This potential method relates to the controlling of nature and one's own genetic makeup. In ethical terms, it is a subject that is unfair to various types of cultures and religions.There is a certain limit to everything, even science. Suppose scientists went too far with this, and began to create perfect people. In addition, we are not robots. After all, we should act just like human beings, in other words, creating living creatures like ourselves is not our job.The growing hatred and envy between a person, and its clone would remain a never-ending matter of dispute. Not only will the world be repugnant, but life would seem fake and confusing. Imagine a cruel leader who could have a boundless amount of his supporters. Just because the clone of an innocent being is created, does not mean they are exactly identical. The copy of the actual person will have environmental factors, which results to a different personality. The clone could be a supporter of the evil. Some of the terrible odds that would haunt the society would especially be the psychological perplexity of family relationships. For instance, a clone is created of someone's mother or father.Prior to the nuclear science and manufacturing advancements, which cause cancer, asthma, and many other illnesses, it is precise that most...

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Human Cloning Essay

3506 words - 14 pages creation of an entire person. These organs can be used for transplants and with scientists cloning organs from the own patients DNA there should be no problem with immune rejection that can result with transplants from other sources. There is a large shortage in the number of organs available for transplants and continued research in cloning of this type could eliminate this problem. But this may never come about if there are laws prohibiting

Human Cloning and Congress Essay

852 words - 3 pages of Representatives), and the Feinstein-Kennedy and Harkin-Specter bills, both of which allow scientists to perform so-called "therapeutic" cloning, while prohibiting the bringing of those clones to birth in "reproductive" cloning.   There is moral fecklessness in human cloning. The attempt to allow cloned embryos and then to ban the birth at which they naturally aim is a bizarre and unworkable compromise. How exactly could we enforce it

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1541 words - 6 pages created by cloning, 66% stated that they shouldn’t whereas 28% took the opposite side. Through this democratic process, our political institutions have set reasonable parameters around scientific inquiry, while it puts a ban on human cloning and research. We must proceed with the struggle towards prohibiting the cloning of human life at all levels, for all purposes. Whether scientific knowledge covers the interests of society or whether


2103 words - 8 pages to the fact that such techniques are unsafe at this current time. The NBAC does present some very important points that describe the risks of cloning a child, but the fact is there will always be risks weather the technology used is primitive or advanced. Not doing it all is risk in itself, in that prohibiting cloning could deny the human species the key to finding the cure for all diseases and cancers. The concerns on

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1549 words - 6 pages continued funds for human cloning. Many researchers are concerned that laws prohibiting its research will threaten important discoveries-especially in the area of infertility. On March 23, 1998, the New England Journal of Medicine called the ban on cloning "seriously misguided". Also, they believe that the technique will eventually become a reality, no matter what laws are passed (5). But what bothers scientists the most about the legislation is not so

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1709 words - 7 pages regulating stem cell research in Israel and embryo destruction for stem cell research is allowed. Scientists announced this month that they succeeded for the first time in growing heart cells from human embryonic stem cells. The heart cells can beat spontaneously, according to a report published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. In 1999, a law was passed prohibiting cloning humans for five years. AUSTRALIA: In June 2001 Australian federal

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2872 words - 12 pages February 14th, 2003 after Dolly the sheep suffering from lung disease. Cloning of endangered species could help revitalize species that have already gone extinct or are nearing extinction. Adversaries of Genetic Engineering argue that a species going extinct such as the dinosaurs was natural selection at work and that humans have no right to meddle in nature’s course. On the flip side, you

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1331 words - 6 pages The Need For Law There needs to be laws in society to maintain orderly function and to avoid anarchy. Especially within technology and the law. Technology over the past 5 years has advanced so much in computers, social media and the internet in general however technology expands far beyond just your basic Facebook and Twitter. Technology also consists of highly advanced scientific concepts such as cloning and forensic analysis also everyday

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2057 words - 9 pages methodology of biotechnology and the changes it contains such as genetically modifies foods and humans, as well as cloning. There are people who love the idea of Biotechnology and all of the advancements that would emerge due to its greatness and effectiveness, whereas others believe that the alteration is a threat to mankind and society as a whole. The pessimists believe that DNA was made in a certain way and altering it would be immoral

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1055 words - 4 pages or not there is legislation condoning genetic engineering or prohibiting it, there will be controversy. This controversy will exist for as long as human beings walk the Earth we live on. Whether the controversy is over something petty or something as serious as cloning human beings, the arguers will argue on and on, endlessly.Reference PageWekesser, Carol. Genetic Engineering. San Diego, CA: Geenhaven Press, Inc.,1996.Hagelin, John. "Genetic Engineering of Humans" Genetic Engineering: APrecautionary Approach. January 2001.Woods, Chris. "Food and Genetics" Genes Are Our Life. October 1999.Nelson, Justin. Telephone Interview. 5 February 2002.

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1797 words - 7 pages , prohibiting the federal government from using genetic information as a basis for hiring, firing or promotion decisions. Unfortunately, this act only pertains to federal agencies but the NHGRI is optimistic that further legislation will be passed that benefits all U.S. citizens.Responsible integration of genetic testing into clinical practice is another area of concern for ELSI. In response, an advisory panel has been established in order to impede the

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2648 words - 11 pages cells and injecting them into the damaged areas. Cloning could also allow and be used to produce skin for burn victims, brain cells, spinal cords, livers, lungs, and any other organs needed. Nevertheless, this may never come about if there are laws prohibiting cloning and its research, so cloning should be deregulated and funded by the government. Other benefits of cloning are that it can give couples who cannot reproduce a chance to have children

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981 words - 4 pages exaggerated and unrealistic. I disagree with this author's point of view.The main fault in Krauthammer's argument is that he has an unrealistic view on human life. The subject of our value system makes his argument invalid. The current society and government view on life would prohibit the growing of "headless" humans for organ donors. The government has put laws prohibiting cloning, and severely restricting embryo/stem cell research.Embryonic cloning

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1184 words - 5 pages absurd implementation law in the long run may be of great enormousness and expensive to the country. Finally biotechnology, similar to any given technological progression, has the probability to be abused by the responsible persons. For that reason the government should intercede and endorse laws and regulations prohibiting definite biotechnological methods for this case human cloning grounding our arguments on religious grounds in order for it to control worse before it gets worst.

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6561 words - 26 pages National Bioethics Advisory Committee in 1997 to study the ethical and legal issues surrounding the subject of human cloning. The NBAC report concluded it is presently morally unacceptable for anyone in the public or private sector to attempt to create a child through somatic cell nuclear transfer for both safety and ethical concerns. They encouraged the adoption of federal legislation prohibiting human cloning, but noted that such legislation