Health Promotion & Motivational Strategies In Hong Kong

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These days, there are common to know about the prevention of infecting HIV/AIDS in Hong Kong. Since 1984, the first case of HIV infection reported, there are total 6,198 people reported they are infected of HIV/AIDS. It represent that Hong Kong have a well plan of health promotion and motivational strategies of promoting education of prevent spreading HIV/AIDS in our society.
In the following essay will include the description of the HIV/AIDS client group, evaluate the characteristics by the biopsychosocial model and analyses the health promotion and motivational strategies in Hong Kong.

According to the statistics done by the department of Health in Hong Kong, there is a HIV reporting system in Hong Kong. Usually the doctors and confirmatory laboratories report the case of HIV infection. There are three major of information about the prevalence of this illness made by the information from the HIV reporting system.
Firstly, the gender of HIV/AIDS. From 1984, there are total 4,926 male and 1272 female reported HIV infected, also 1189 male and 221 female are diagnosed with AIDS. It shows that male proportion of HIV infection is much higher than female.
Secondly, the age of reported HIV infection. Most of the patients are in the range of 20-49, especially in the age of 30-39.
Thirdly, the HIV transmission ways. Usually, the HIV will be transmitted through sexual contact, about 74%. In the sexual contact, there are three main parts, the first part is the heterosexual transmission, people who infected HIV by this transmission way remain constant, and it is about 40%. The second part is the homosexual contact, people who infected HIV by this way is about 30.8% and the third part is the bisexual contact, about 4.1%. Although the proportion of homosexual transmission is lower than the heterosexual transmission, it increased sharply, more people are infected HIV by homosexual 91.3contact. Other was of transmission HIV are injecting drug use (5.2%), blood contact (1.3%) and perinatal transmission (0.4%).

Characteristics of HIV/AIDS
There are three main part of the HIV/AIDS characteristics which are biological, psychological and social factors that cause and impact of this disease.
Firstly, the biological reason cause HIV/AIDS is infectious agents. HIV can be spread to others by blood, semen, virginal fluid or even breast milk which contains high level of HIV. If this fluid have a high level of HIV and enter to human body, for example, sexual contact or breast feeding, people will have a very high risk of infecting HIV. Not all the patients infected HIV will be diagnosed as AIDS. Although HIV causes AIDS, HIV can be not developing to AIDS if the patients have a treatment to deal with HIV. Moreover, HIV can be spread by blood-borne like injecting drugs use, using the contaminated needles together, etc. Baby can be infected by mother’s body fluid or breast feeding.
Secondly, the social factor that causes HIV/AIDS is...

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