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Project: Addressing Obsesity As A Health Issue In Northwick Community

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“Better Choice Healthy Life” Intervention in Northwick Community
Social marketing steps
Defining the problem
The problem of interest in this intervention is addressing obesity as a health issue. Is effective communication an essential component in social marketing to effect behavior change in regards to healthy eating and engaging is physical activity? How do we increase the likelihood of improving healthy nutrition behavior through the media, i.e. through the social, food packaging advertising, through the radio or TV?
Involvement of community leaders and stakeholders
After defining the problem, the next step is the involvement of the community leaders, the stakeholders as well as the ...view middle of the document...

Intervention goal
To achieve realistic weight loss goal of the target audience’s children of 1-2 pounds in 5-8 weeks.
Intervention objectives
• The intervention aims at increasing the nutrition knowledge of the mothers in the program
• The other objective is to create awareness of the dangers of increased TV screening and reduced physical activity in the children’s’ lives
• The other objective is to use social marketing campaigns in advertising strategies of buying affordable healthy foods, e.g. in farmer’s markets, using coupons, etc.
Marketing strategies (4P’s) - Social marketing tool
Product- The product will focus on how to create education workshops to mothers on how to count and track calories for their kids. Food pocket guides will be distributed to the mothers during campaigns and nutrition fairs in the community. Media awareness will also be made through the website on how to look up food guide calories. Program funders and planners will be involved with computer technicians in how to create phone apps on how to speak items into the phone. This information will be made available to the public during the campaign sessions.
Price- This will be the short-term and long-term price of food, as well as the type of pricing, e.g. discounts. Prices influence how much consumers purchase their foods, as well as what kinds of foods they purchase frequently. Policy makers will be involved to provide incentives to stores and restaurants to provide tax supervised portion offerings.
Place- Policy makers and program planners and implementers will work with the community to limit the proximity of fast food outlets, including convenience stores to schools in the communities that don’t have healthy supermarkets and restaurants. Local government leaders will be involved in the construction of open school gyms and recreational spaces for the local residents in order to increase physical activity. Mobile apps that identify “healthy food choice locations’ based on the residents’ location can be introduced to the community members.
Promotion- This intervention will involve policy makers and food vendors in the community. Food vendors will be...

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