Project Management: A Scheduling System For The University Of Plymouth

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Executive SummaryAs a project management consultancy firm, our purpose is to develop high quality computerized scheduling system and design capable infra-network for organizations. With a group of skilful and aggressive IT professionals, our company is famous for its suitable design for different organizations.Nowadays, we have been invited to tender for designing a computerized lecture scheduling system for the University of Plymouth. The first stage in the process of tendering for the project management job is to draw up a draft project plan indicating the key timings and also a cost estimate.In this report, we will present how we determine the scheduling system for the University of Plymouth, the relevant costs (include setup cost, operating cost and maintaining cost) of the scheduling systems and the benefits and advantages we can get from the scheduling systems, and also possible problems we will meet on the project and proposed activities to resolve them.The research has been gathered from newspapers, industry journals, interviews, magazines and Internet Web sites. This information resource provides the basis of a reliable and valid background.1. IntroductionIn order to win the contract with the University of Plymouth, the company will do his best to present a plan to satisfy the customers, so we need to complete a comprehensive analysis of major aspects that influence the efficiency and profitability of the University of Plymouth first before we make a decision on which type of scheduling system should be adopted, the analysis section will include six aspects, these are, firstly, identifying the user requirements, secondly, setting the time, quality and cost objectives; thirdly, using a breakdown diagram turn the complex activities into manageable activities; and depicting the scheduling of key activities, fourthly, recommending two systems, fifthly, analyzing and selecting the appropriate system, finally, presenting the potential problems and proposing actions to resolve them.2. User Requirements2.1. What is a Lecture Scheduling System?A lecture scheduling system can read student, course and staff records directly and produce a full university timetable within a few minutes. It can do the same for examination timetables. According to AIMS (2006), it can take into account all the issues that timetabling staff normal consider and check automatically for clashes and minimise or eliminate them. Any unsolved clashes are reported so the constraints that caused them can be modified. By doing this across all courses, rooms, students and staff, the system ensures that each module is taught in the most suitable room, space utilisation is maximised and travelling between lectures is minimised.2.2. The Necessity of Scheduling SystemAt present within the University the scheduling of lectures and the sharing of personal calendar information is usually managed by the software. Public calendar information about University or Departments or events are to...

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