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Project Management Should Based On Knowledge And People

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Project management is a art of balance. The progress of the project implementation is just like a tough journey. Project management is the key to ensure success, while a mature system of project management is a powerful tool of project manager. The successful of the project, instead of the project management process, is the final target of all related parties. Project management, project target and specific task are all based on knowledge, but in my opinion, the role of "people" is also important.Whether a project is successful or not depends on the timing, budget, technology and function of the project. Besides, some "people" factors should also be taken into consideration, such as the satisfaction extent of client of project, managerial of project, team member of project, etc. A project is not successful even when it reaches the expected technological and functional targets if it ruined the relationship between the company and an important client, or caused the loss of talented team members.People is the most important factor during project management. The point is to fit into their shoes, let them carry out their own values through your project. Team work is the foundation of all successful management. Managing a team successfully is a challenge no matter you are a professional or a new bird. If a project manager can use this though and make it the culture of the team, meanwhile the members can guide their work with this though, it will be a lot easier to succeed in project.It's essential to focus on clients. Think what they think, care what they care. As statistics show, more than 80 percent of the project failure is caused by the uncertain of project needs. While the floating of the need is actually caused by the lack of consideration for clients. A successful project should provide solutions for two questions. "What can we help the clients deal with"; "What values can we bring to the clients"? What product or service does a client want? Why does he want it from us? We'll make better demand analysis and achieve better result only when we base everything on the concept of "solving the prolems". Lack of consideration from the client's angle causes a bad demand analysis. Many clients even can't make clear what they want, which pushes us to think about issues from their angles to get a better understanding of them. Then what we design will earn satisfaction from the client.Our clients pay to get their project done. The final target is not to own this system, but to achieve some expected business goals through utilizing this project. Thereafter we need to maximize the profit our system can bring about to client. For example, more deposit and more customers for a commercial band client. Meanwhile if we can help the team members to get...

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