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Project Forward Leap Essay

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Education impacts all of our lives. Having an education is what makes someone successful in life. Without an education there is no way you will get a good job after college; without an education you will not even have the chance to attend college to get the full experience of growing up on your own away from our parents. Being a hardworking student and wanting to be a success I take my knowledge to students in grades 5-7 and help them with homework and projects. I also had the chance to tell them the complete change of process from elementary to high school so they can be prepared once it’s their time. The students that I am helping are a part of project forward leap.
Project forward leap (PFL) is a seven-year program committed to closing the gaps of academic achievement and developmental opportunities between students with academic promise put at-risk by serious socio-economic disadvantages and their advantaged peers and by serving as a catalyst for raising achievement standards in their school. I was once a part of Project Forward Leap so now giving back to these kids from what I experienced at their age helps them realize they are never forgotten by the PFL family. PFL made me the student I am today. They taught me the techniques to what a great student can be and also prepared me for college at a young age. The reason I say Project Forward Leap prepared for college is because we take five weeks out of our summer as rising students and spend them going to this camp. The camp is located all around Pennsylvania in such colleges like Messiah and Millersville. It was like being a college student in the morning you attend breakfast then head off for class. Once your classes were completed that day you went back to your dorm room where then you had the choice to either participate in various sports such as football, basketball, swimming etc. After recreation time it was back to business. Study hall was the time to take care of all your incomplete work or homework that you were given that day. I was so influenced by PFL I was drawn back into participating in the Saturday bridge programs where students are helped with work and being tutored by adults and students just like me that also attended PFL. Calvin Gilchrist the site director of PFL was very pleased to have me back he took part in my interview. I asked him what was the history of PFL? He replied “PFL has a twenty-one year documented history of success in identifying children with the potential to succeed and helping them acquire the tools they need to complete high school, succeed in colleges and universities, and ultimately hold positions of meaningful employment that enrich their lives and those of their families. Over 85% of PFL students graduate from high school and 80% of these continue to further their educations at institutions of higher learning, far exceeding the graduation rates of students in their home districts.” Next I asked what was still incorporated in...

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