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Project Citizen is a project where students find things that their schools are doing wrong or a policy they are not following. This will help our school become a better place and be more safe when something unexpected happens. We researched the five topics of building safety, drill safety, concussion safety, technology safety and social and emotional safety to think of ways to improve problems in these categories. Our four keys to be successful with this project were to work hard, research our tasks, work as a team or help one another and be organized with our research. This helped us a lot because we knew that if we needed each other’s help, we could help someone out or get help ourselves. ...view middle of the document...

Bullying is a big problem all around the world. It is trying to be stopped by many adults and students. Here at Edgewood, adults are very strict when it comes to bullying. We feel that no one should go through it and no one should see it around the halls. However, if someone does see bullying in action, there are specific steps we should follow. When you see someone being bullied during school or after school, you should never walk away. First step is to not be a bystander. A bystander is someone who notices something happening but doesn’t do anything about it. Instead, students should learn to be an ally. An ally is a person that defends the kid being mistreated in the situation. The next step to being a great ally is to inform a teacher or adult about what’s happening. From there the adult will go to where this is taking place and hopefully take care of it. Now, you leave and either go to your designated area. This will help the bully, victim and adult solve their problem.
The next procedure we have is technology safety. Technology safety is basically social media on the internet. This is important because if students don’t know what do when something that’s not supposed to happens, they will be able to solve the problem themselves. Cyberbullying is a big part of the internet since people find ways to be anonymous on websites. Young kids can think differently about themselves when they are bullied, especially by an unknown person....

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