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Project Involve Essay

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The script opens with a POV shot of a car driving during a thunderstorm. The driver briefly takes his eyes off the road. The screen cuts to black as we hear a horrific car crash.
We fade in on a disheveled apartment in Brooklyn as WILSON, an unsuccessful novelist strung out on drugs, attempts to write his suicide note. Just as he finally gets the wording he’s looking for, Wilson receives a phone call from his estranged mother, CAROLYN, revealing that his older brother JEFF died in a car accident. Realizing he can no longer go through with his suicide, Wilson reluctantly prepares to go home. Wilson’s publisher, SCOTT shows up at his apartment to remind Wilson about the deadline for his new ...view middle of the document...

That night, Lizzy surprises Wilson and takes him out to a local bar so they can catch up. After leaving the bar, Lizzy and Wilson walk around the town’s abandoned furniture factory to discuss their mistakes and how they thought their lives turned out differently from what they had expected. Wilson attempts to kiss Lizzy, but she rejects him explaining that she had recently got out of a relationship with a married man, which “didn’t end well.” Wilson returns home and stays up most of the night writing.
The next morning, Scott shows up unannounced on Wilson’s doorstep threatening to blacklist Wilson if he doesn’t produce the material he promised to the publishing company. Wilson defuses the situation by claiming he’s using this experience as the basis of his new novel. Skeptical, Scott decides to stay in order to make sure Wilson’s telling the truth. A grief ridden Lucy seduces Scott and Carolyn over hears them having sex in Jeff’s bedroom.
During his meeting with Reverend Howell, Wilson discusses the estranged relationship he has with his family and, for the first time, reveals that he is suicidal. Afterwards, Wilson goes to the junkyard where a high school classmate, BRANDON, helps him find Jeff’s car. As Wilson searches for Emma’s blanket, he discovers Lizzy’s missing date-book in the backseat. Distraught, Wilson returns home to find his family waiting for him so they can go to Jeff’s visitation at the funeral home. The family starts to explode after Carolyn confronts Lucy about her relationship with Scott. Although Wilson knows the truth, he puts his own pain aside and attempts to hold his family...

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