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Project Life Cycle Essay

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Part A: Key stages involved in delivering major projects
The scope of all projects is to deliver specific target and goals in the best possible way. As have been recognized, projects are dynamic and hide lot of risk and a more manageable way of delivering them was needed. The project life cycle is the series of these phases pass from the beginning of a project until it's closure (PMBOK, 2013, p.38). Each of the phases has a specific time and has also a beginning and an end. The standard project has usually four different stages: Initiating, Planning, Implementation and Closure. The project phases took their names from the deliverables of each phase and can be managed as mini projects (Burke, 1999).
Phase one: Initiation

The desire of Eugene Goossens in 1954 to have a relevant venue for organizing large musical and theatrical productions was founded. The appropriate answer to this question could be the solutions of this need. Since the business case/need is found, the potential costs for the implementation of the project could be presented. After this step, a feasibility study will investigate the economic viability of the idea and will give also other alternatives. The project charter will be developed in order to present project scope, objectives, boundaries and implementation time plan. Also, in this phase the project manager have to find the project management team and present all these findings in order to take the approvals for the next phase.

Phase two: Planning/Design

The scope of this phase is to analyze in depth the ''work'' that have to be done, design the plan and estimate all the possible costs (man hours, equipments and materials). Since the cost estimation is done, project manager can easily monitor all expenditures of the implementation phase when the...

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