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Project Management Final Project Essay

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Fatima Abdulla
Acct430- Project Management Final Project

1. The state and its OSC failed to provide strategic guidance to agencies as they confronted decisions on how to fulfill functionality lacking in CAS. What problems did this impose upon the agencies? Did the agencies contribute to their own conundrum? If so, how? (10 points)
The lack of strategic guidance caused agencies to make their own decisions creating and purchasing different FMS as solutions for the lack of functionality in CAS. This resulted in having various independence systems, from small commercial components, in-house programs to ERP, (discrete solutions) across agencies which imposed many problems including:
• Many agencies failed to provide OSC with their legally required financial reports after adopting the new FMS solution. Therefore, the officials were prevented from overseeing the financial activities of each agency.
• High costs FMS solutions and poor quality interface with CAS
• Ad hoc and nonintegrated software intensified information management problems
• Lack of cost-effective integration capabilities
• Cost and time inefficiencies; time to extract data and manually enter it into multiple systems
• CAS has to support multiple interfaces and bear ultimate burden of data entry
• Inconsistent standard and overlooked process reengineering needs
All these issues made it even harder for OSC to control and manage its agency and the data flow or to establish a new central system that meet the needs of the stakeholders.
Yes, agencies contributed to their own conundrum when they disapproved the idea of a statewide FMS solution and procured their own solution spending a lot of time and high expenses to establish a unique FMS with unguaranteed quality and lack of integration capabilities.

2. The case discussed “shadow systems.” What are they in general, and specifically how might this have affected the organizations in the state? (10 pts)
Shadow System is an application used for business processes that is not part of a centralized information systems department. It is also referred to the information that had been pulled out of the system. Shadow systems are good in that they fulfill business needs but in a costly manner that uses too many resources and sacrifices data quality. Developing shadow system in the State affected the organizations in that data manipulation became easier with the lack of proper integration with the CAS. One of the biggest issues with the use of shadow systems is that they undergo rushed testing in most cases which will results in errors and malfunctions appearing after a long period of use. In the state, organization rushed to purchase FMS solutions without carefully making sure that they consist of the integration capabilities needed and the data quality required for their use. Therefore, the organizations lacked long-term support with their use of shadow system. Also, IT departments cannot have full control over the shadow systems and they are...

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